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Total Divas - Season: 4When “Total Divas” returns from hiatus on January 4, it will do so with two new Divas in its cast (and two previous regulars now absent).

E!’s WWE-themed reality show adds Paige and Alicia Fox to its lineup of powerful and entertaining women. Both have appeared in previous episodes, but the cast shakeup assures they will have a more regular and prominent role on the series.

Paige and Alicia effectively replace Naomi and Summer, who are not billed as regulars for the upcoming string of episodes.

“Former WWE Divas Champion, Paige, is a raven-haired Diva who preaches a simple message: she wants to mix it up in the ring. She first began battling when she was 13, following her family of English wrestlers, and gained prominence inside the WWE’s NXT Division, as the first NXT Women’s Champion. Similarly, the stunning and lithesome Alicia Fox has proven herself to be far more ferocious and eccentric than anyone ever expected. The talented Ms. Fox has etched her name in WWE record books as the first African-American woman to win the Divas Championship,” says E! of the new “Total Divas.”

The network’s press release adds that recently-added cast member Rosa Mendes will align herself with Paige and Alicia. That clique will find itself in opposition with The Bella Twins and Ariane; Nattie will find herself in the middle.

Other storylines being teased:

— A longtime feud between Ariane and Alicia will reach a boil.
— By questioning their fitness for each other, John Cena threw another challenge into his relationship with Nikki.
— Brie, meanwhile, has to confess to Nikki that she went behind her back to confront Cena about his stance on marriage.
— Brie also considers giving up her career for a more domestic lifestyle.
— Eva Marie struggles with “health and body image” issues.
— Rosa misreads a fellow Diva’s personality as a sign of flirtation and tries to pursue a relationship.
— Nattie deals with her marital trouble.



Paige and The Bella Twins are seen talking backstage. Coming up next, we’ll see a Santa’s Helper Battle Royal.

Santa’s Helpers Divas Battle Royal
Paige vs. Naomi vs. Summer Rae vs. Emma vs. Natalya vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Cameron vs. Alicia Fox vs. Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella

The bell rings, and everyone begins brawling. Emma knocks Rosa Mendes down and does her dance. Emma lifts up Rosa’s skirt and embarrasses her. Rosa steals Emma’s hat, so Emma punches her down. Rosa then throws Emma out of the ring while she picks up her hat. Rosa does a dance before Summer Rae cuts her off to show her how it’s done. Rosa tries to show her up, and they soon begin arguing. The Divas then team up to take Rosa and Summer out of the match. Cameron is checking herself out in a mirror, and Naomi steals it from her. Naomi drops it near the ropes and throws Cameron out as she goes to pick it up. Paige head-butts Naomi down and taunts the crowd. The Bella Twins team up on Alicia and take her out with punches and stereo dropkicks. They then roll Alicia out under the bottom rope. Paige is hanging out on the ring post. The Bella Twins approach her, and she holds up some mistletoe as a gesture of goodwill. They then kick her off the apron and eliminate her.

The final four are The Bella Twins, Naomi, and Natalya. Naomi takes Nikki down with a Thesz Press and some punches. Nikki reverses a whip to the corner and catches Naomi attempting a slingshot with an Alabama Slam. Nikki throws Naomi out of the ring, but she hangs on to the ropes. Brie tries to eliminate Natalya with a baseball slide, but Natalya avoids it, causing Brie to eliminate herself. Natalya and Naomi team up to eliminate Nikki. Naomi then kicks Natalya off the apron to win the match.

Winner: Naomi


Paige is playing chess backstage with Erick Rowan. Titus O’Neil walks up and tells her to stop wasting her time. He makes fun of Rowan for being stupid, but doesn’t know how to play chess and storms off.

Paige vs. Emma

Emma does her dance move and shoves Paige, which makes her mad. Paige kicks the hell out of her and screams that it is her house before choking her in the ropes. She locks in a back submission but ends up just throwing her opponent into the mat instead. Paige starts throwing elbows and kicks in the corner, then slaps her in the ass for fun. Emma with a roll-up out of nowhere for two, and Paige clotheslines her and stomps a mudhole in the corner. Emma comes back with a facebuster and a few clotheslines and locks in the Dil-Emma and follows up with a kick to the side of the head. Paige ends up getting the submission win with the PTO.

Winner: Paige


The great people over at have given us a lovely treat today, as they have posted behind the scenes photos of the Total Divas, including our girl Paige. These candid shots are taken from the brand new commercial for the reality show, which you can find at this link.

Click below to be spoiled!



Paige, AJ Lee & The Bella Twins are backstage waiting to find out who is the Diva of the Year. Titus O’Neil is walking behind them, while Jerry Lawler announces that AJ has won the award.

Charlotte, North Carolina:

Charlotte, Emma, and Alicia Fox defeated The Bella Twins and Paige when Charlotte uniquely rolled up Brie. After the match, Paige blamed both of The Bella Twins before walking backstage, and Nikki pushed Brie into the corner before being pushed back by Brie, the Divas Championship went up and hit Brie in the head, before leading a Yes! Chant.

Augusta, Georgia:

Charlotte, Alicia Fox & Emma defeated Paige & The Bella Twins. Emma pinned Nikki to win.


The nomimees have been announced for this years Slammy Awards, and Paige is up for 3 of them! Check out the list, and head on over to using the links below to vote. Voting for the Diva of the Year will begin during Raw on the WWE App so be sure to have it downloaded and ready for voting to open.

WWE Diva of the Year
AJ Lee
Nikki Bella
Brie Bella

Breakout Star of the Year
Rusev with Lana
Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose
Seth Rollins

Tweet It! Best Twitter Handle (aka Social Champion)
@HEELZiggler (Dolph Ziggler)
@JohnCena (John Cena)
@ZackRyder (Zack Ryder)
@Ryback22 (Ryback)
@BellaTwins (Nikki & Brie Bella)
@RealPaigeWWE (Paige)

Columbia, South Carolina:

Charlotte, Emma & Alicia Fox defeated Paige & The Bella Twins.