FCW Spoilers – May 20, 2012

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[spoiler]Raquel Diaz comes out to the interview area and talks about not having to defend her FCW Divas Title. Sofia Cortez and Paige came out and wondered why Raquel abandoned the ‘Anti-Diva’ mentality. Paige and Sofia demand a title match and Raquel said that she would face Paige next week.[/spoiler]

FCW Spoilers – May 13, 2012

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[spoiler]FCW Jack Brisco 15 Champion Richie Steamboat defeated Rick Victor (with Paige and Sofia Cortez) in a non-title match with a super kick. During the match, both Sofia and Paige got involved but their interference could not help Victor get the win.[/spoiler]

New Icons/Avatars

I have just added 8 brand new icons to the Media Archive. Make sure you check them out at the link below. Please make sure you credit the site, and do not hotlink! (Upload to a free server).

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04/19/2012 (Tampa, Florida) Live Event Candids

Thanks to my good friend Lindsey (@TheFCWUniverse), I have added 8 brand new candids of Paige. The images are taken from the live event in Tampa, Florida on April 19th. Check them out, as they’re awesome.

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FCW Live Event Coverage 04/12/2012

Tampa, Florida:

Rick Victor w/Paige & Sofia Cortez defeated Alexander Rusev

Caylee Turner defeated Sofia Cortez w/Paige

04/12/2012 (Tampa, Florida) Live Event Candids

A great thank you goes out to the amazing Lindsey of FCW Universe on Tumblr, we now have 9 brand new candids of Paige from last nights Live Event in Tampa! Check them, as well as other candids at the link below.

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