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Paige is featured in this weeks Raw Fallout.


Paige w/Natalya & Tyson Kidd vs. Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella

Brie knees Paige in the face and dropkicks her for two, then she slams Paige’s head on the mat before applying a chinlock. Paige comes back with some kicks, then Brie charges her but Paige kicks her in the chin. She goes for a rollup but Kidd jumps on the apron for some reason, and the ref stops his count. Brie uses the distraction to roll Paige up for the win, then Paige rolls outside and slaps the hell out of Kidd for his role in the match.

Winner: Brie Bella


Paige is backstage getting ready for Raw when The Bella Twins approach her. Nikki says that the only reason Paige beat her on Main Event last week, was because of her new BFF Natalya. Brie asks how Paige can trust someone like Nattie, who took her out for no reason at all. Paige tells them that she knows what they’re trying to do and it’s not going to work. Nikki says that they are only trying to understand why Paige is friends with a crazy cat lady when she can hang out with The Bella Twins. Paige tells them that she will never hang out with them because Natalya has something they will never have, her respect. She goes on to tell ‘Mary-Kate and Ashley’ to go away.


One week after Paige’s introduction to the “Total Divas” coterie, the WWE Universe meets the next new addition to E!’s PopSugar-dominating wrecking crew, the wild and crazy Alicia Fox. Initially positioned as a free-spirited partner in crime to Rosa Mendes’ cautious envelope-pushing, Foxy soon ends up an unwitting accomplice in a particularly harebrained scheme by Rosa to manufacture an on-air “wardrobe malfunction.” (She’s motivated by an earlier, entirely accidental incident during a match that earns her a ton of new Twitter followers.) The duo abandons the plan pretty much immediately, though some innocent gossiping by Foxy among the Divas locker room makes its way to WWE brass, who come down hard on Rosa in reply. It seems as though “Total Divas’” newest wo-mance will be over before it even begins once Rosa sniffs out the source of the leak, but Alicia manages to talk her off the ledge and the quirky twosome continues its march into Episode 13.

Less likely to last the next five minutes is the relationship between The Bella Twins, which is fraying by the second and isn’t helped by Brie’s nonstop attempts to extend the olive branch to Nikki. John Cena advises Brie to simply give her sister the space and time necessary to cool off, but a big extended family gathering forces the two into conversation. Nikki’s reluctant at first to even acknowledge her sister’s presence, though some goofiness softens her up and reconciliation, though not immediate, seems likely on the horizon. Exhale.

In the wake of her health scare from a couple of seasons ago, meanwhile, Eva Marie decides to check up and see if she will still be able to have children if she so desires. The good news is that everything seems to be in working order … except for her desire to have kids in the first place, which it turns out she exaggerated so as not to drive off family-oriented Jonathan during their whirlwind romance. The timid truth-bomb she drops on her husband leads to a big blowup on his part. However, after several hours cooling off steam at his local CrossFit, he’s much more amenable to the new terms of his relationship, and resolves to treat Eva’s decisions with a softer hand – provided she’s up front and honest with him.

Oh, and Paige is fascinated and intimidated by Big E’s chest. Aren’t we all?

Mobile, Alabama:

Paige & Natalya defeat The Bella Twins.

Montgomery, Alabama:

Natalya defeated Paige.

Chattanooga, Tennessee:

Natalya defeated Paige.

The Diva of Tomorrow explores the psychological effects of SmackDown’s move to a new night, this Thursday at 8/7 CT on Syfy.

The newest “Total Diva” talks about her experiences on E!’s reality show and the “brutal” reaction from the WWE Universe upon learning of her casting.


Paige w/Natalya vs. Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella

Nikki goes on the attack right away but Paige rolls her up for a two-count, then superkicks the heck out of her. Paige stomps a mudhole in her in the corner and Brie pulls her sister to safety as they cut to commercial.

After the break, Paige is still in control, kicking away at Nikki on the apron. Bella front slams her off the apron down to the floor. Natalya checks on Paige as the referee begins his count, and the champ starts doing push-ups in the ring for fun. Nikki slaps on an armbar and Paige fights back with right hands, but gets thrown onto the top rope. She keeps up her offense, slamming Paige against the ropes and ring post, then goes into a back stretch, throwing knees into the mid-section. Paige fires back again but runs into a clothesline; Nikki continues the cocky covers though so no pin.

Nikki is basically toying with Paige at this point, not taking the match seriously. Thesz press from Paige, but Nikki runs through her with a shoulder block. Nikki rolls into a nice cross arm bar but Paige keeps her hands linked and fights out of it. Arm drag by Paige followed by a series of clotheslines and a running dropkick to build up some momentum. Brie Bella gets on the apron to cause a distraction, but Paige kicks her and Natalya rushes over to tackle her to the floor. Paige with a superkick on the Divas champ! She hits the Rampaige for the victory.

Winner: Paige