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Jan 6, 2015

Paige w/Natalya vs. Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella

Nikki goes on the attack right away but Paige rolls her up for a two-count, then superkicks the heck out of her. Paige stomps a mudhole in her in the corner and Brie pulls her sister to safety as they cut to commercial.

After the break, Paige is still in control, kicking away at Nikki on the apron. Bella front slams her off the apron down to the floor. Natalya checks on Paige as the referee begins his count, and the champ starts doing push-ups in the ring for fun. Nikki slaps on an armbar and Paige fights back with right hands, but gets thrown onto the top rope. She keeps up her offense, slamming Paige against the ropes and ring post, then goes into a back stretch, throwing knees into the mid-section. Paige fires back again but runs into a clothesline; Nikki continues the cocky covers though so no pin.

Nikki is basically toying with Paige at this point, not taking the match seriously. Thesz press from Paige, but Nikki runs through her with a shoulder block. Nikki rolls into a nice cross arm bar but Paige keeps her hands linked and fights out of it. Arm drag by Paige followed by a series of clotheslines and a running dropkick to build up some momentum. Brie Bella gets on the apron to cause a distraction, but Paige kicks her and Natalya rushes over to tackle her to the floor. Paige with a superkick on the Divas champ! She hits the Rampaige for the victory.

Winner: Paige

Jan 5, 2015

The WWE roster is standing in the ring when the show kicks off, and John Cena says he needs to apologize because he was given no choice but to act last week. Cena says Seth Rollins threatened to snap Edge’s neck and his health was most important, so even if the Authority is back he is pledging to make a promise. Before he can say anything else The Authority cuts him off, and Stephanie says Cena is doing it all wrong and shouldn’t be sad. Stephanie says they had a great new year because they knew they were coming back, and Triple H says they all thought it was funny they were gone. HHH says Sting is the only reason for all of this, and he says they would be begging for them to come back, because it was chaos here without them. HHH says the ship has been righted all thanks to one man, Seth Rollins, and he welcomes Rollins out to the stage.

HHH says Rollins changed the course of WWE and he wants to thank him, and John Cena will face Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble, but now that title match is a triple threat, because Rollins is in too. Rollins is thrilled and thanks them, then Stephanie thanks Cena for breaking his own promise to the WWE Universe because it showed them something. She says Cena brought them back because it is best for business, and they will have John Cena Appreciation Night and make him happy. Stephanie guarantees to deliver on this promise to make him happy, then HHH says this is a new era for the rest of the roster, and it’s a new Authority. HHH says everyone will get what they put in and they will get what they deserve, then he tells Dolph Ziggler to stay put because he’s defending against Bad News Barrett right now.

Natalya vs. Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella

Paige comes down in support of Nattie, then Nattie rushes the corner and hits Nikki in the face. Nikki clotheslines her but Nattie comes back with a side Russian legsweep, then she goes for a Sharpshooter but Nikki kicks her into the corner. Paige and Brie get into on the floor and Paige whips Brie into the barricade, then Nattie uses the distraction to win it with a rollup. Nikki goes on the attack after the bell, but Paige runs in and kicks her in the face to make the save.

Winner: Natalya

It is later announced that Paige will face Nikki Bella on Main Event this week.

Jan 4, 2015

So, about that talk …

Nikki Bella and John Cena’s cliffhanger encounter from the midseason finale of E!’s “Total Divas” ends with something of a tentative breakup between the two in the opening minutes of the midseason premiere. Interesting to note that Cena doesn’t acknowledge it was a sit-down with Brie Bella that prompted him to cut Nikki loose. The Champ’s willingness to fall on his sword leaves Brie wracked with guilt, and while she initially refuses to cop to provoking the breakup, Mama Bella demands that Brie lay her cards on the table and give her sister the whole truth. Predictably, this plan fails horribly: Nikki chews out her entire family, which leads to a spectacular shouting match and bad blood between the sisters … which actually turns out to be exactly when Nikki turns on Brie at SummerSlam and feeds her to Stephanie McMahon in the ring.

In other news, the midseason premiere also introduces one half of the cast’s new dynamic duo, the troublemaking British Diva Paige. Already a divisive presence in the Divas locker room thanks to her hyperspeed rise to the Divas Championship, Paige goes about causing a ruckus almost instantly by playing a prank on Natalya. It goes so fantastically awry that it leads Natalya to fake a car accident to avoid its repercussions. The fallout is so instantaneous and absolute that even the ultimate peace offering — a gift for Natalya’s cats — can’t smooth things over, and by the end of the episode, Natalya has found herself a brand-new enemy to carry her through the remainder of the season. Welcome back, everybody.

“Total Divas” returns to its regular scheduled time – 9/8 CT – next Sunday on E!.

Jan 3, 2015
This Week Movement Superstar Last Week
19 Paige
This former Divas Champion is in danger of slipping further down the rankings after another quiet week.
Jan 1, 2015

Who had the best 2014? It’s a simple question, really, but how do you quantify what makes a Superstar or Diva’s year the best? Certainly, title wins and five-star matches are a good start. Memorable moments and game-changing victories should also be taken into consideration. Still, at the end of the day, this is a rather subjective debate, but one that is definitely worth having.’s editors take their picks and make their arguments for which member of the WWE roster had the greatest year.


At the age of 21, many adults are still wrapping up their college courses and determining what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Paige, on the other hand? She already had become the youngest to win the Divas Championship, and even captured her second title on her 22nd birthday – proving that “The Diva of Tomorrow” was a moniker firmly rooted in reality.

Paige wasn’t done there, however, as the raven-haired phenom from Norwich, England, closed out 2014 by making her video game debut in “WWE 2K15,” securing a spot on the new episodes of E!’s hit reality show, “Total Divas,” and ranking No. 1 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s “Female 50”, which recognizes the best female grapplers in the entire world (not just WWE).

For some Divas, these accomplishments are enough to fill an entire career. For the 22-year-old Paige, it’s just a small glimpse of what tomorrow will bring. We foresee a lot more boot-stomps and tap-outs in her opponents’ future. — TOM HERRERA


Jan 1, 2015
Mike has been updated with this month’s unseen photos and Paige is featured in 2 digitals. You can check those out using the link below.

Dec 29, 2014

With the season premiere of Total Divas right around the corner, you may have heard the rumors about several new additions to the show. And they’re all true!

WWE Diva Paige is no stranger to Total Divas (you might recall seeing her pop up in last season when Rosa Mendes was hitting on her backstage), and now she’ll be joining the other Divas which means you’ll get to see lots more of her!

“I’ve always wanted to do it,” she said of joining the show. “People behind the scenes always said they wanted to get me on the show because they need a different kind of Diva. The cards got moved around a little bit and they asked me if I’d take part and I said, ‘Hell yes!’ It helped because I already knew the girls, but they were all so great and they helped me through it. It was different going from WWE TV to a reality show. You have to be you and I’m not used to being me. I’m used to being Paige on TV. I opened up a lot and became myself. It was great.”

Originally from England, Paige grew up with wrestling in her blood. Her family runs the World Association of Wrestling, where she made her debut in 2005. Since then she’s gone on to be the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion as well as a two-time WWE Divas Champion, and she’s close with Rosa and Alicia Fox (the other newest addition to Total Divas).

“Rosa and I are close,” Paige says. “But you’ll see, it’s me, Rosa and Foxy all together. I love to play jokes on people so you’ll see a lot of that. We’re the three amigos and we just kind of do things spur of the moment. Crazy stuff, like I’ll take them places and we did some pretty crazy stuff which I think people will enjoy. And being single ladies too, that’s always a plus to watch. I kind of got the other girls out, like whenever I want to do stuff I force the other girls to come and have fun with me and experience how I live my life. They’re doing more crazy stuff because I feel like I’m influencing them somehow. Live like a 22-year-old lives!”

As for any big moments in the upcoming season and how her family reacted upon finding out that she would be doing reality television?

“I don’t know what I can reveal at this point but there’s lots of big moments,” Paige explains. “Like when you’re watching my side, we’ll be having a ton of big moments and some things you’re not gonna expect whatsoever. To be honest, my family is so supportive of everything I do and the more opportunities I get, the more happy they are for me. You’ll get to see a little bit of my dad on the show and I will tell you, he gets mad at me over the decisions I make, but overall they’re happy for me.”

All-new episodes of Total Divas return Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 10pm ET, before returning to its regular time slot at 9pm beginning January 11.


Dec 28, 2014

Hershey, Pennsylvania:

Santino Marella comes out to guest announce the Santa’s Little Helpers match. The Bella Twins defeated Emma and Alicia Fox. Nikki cut a promo about holding the Divas Title for all of 2015. Paige appeared and laid her out to a big pop.

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