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Aug 15, 2015

Detroit, Michigan:

Paige & Charlotte defeated Alicia Fox and Brie Bella by submission.

Jun 2, 2015

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Jun 2, 2015

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Jun 1, 2015

Byron Saxton is backstage with Divas Champion Nikki Bella. Nikki is proud of what she’s accomplished and honored to be in the Divas division. Paige walks up and interrupts, reminding us that she’s due for a title shot. Nikki accepts the challenge.

WWE Divas Championship
Paige vs. Nikki Bella

They lock up and start going at it. Back and forth until Nikki slides to the floor to regroup. She mocks Paige and comes back in to take control. They trade pin attempts ans Paige nails a knee for a 2 count. Nikki block the PTO and hits an Alabama Slam for a close 2 count. Paige keeps control but Nikki fights her off. Nikki goes for the Rack Attack but Paige counters. Nikki misses in the corner but Paige runs into a boot. Paige hits a huge Rampaige while Nikki is on the top rope. Nikki rolls to the floor while the referee is distracted and Brie Bella, who is under the ring hiding, switches out with some twin magic. Brie comes in and rolls Paige up for the victory.

Winner: Nikki Bella

May 31, 2015

WWE Divas Championship
Paige vs. Nikki Bella vs. Naomi

All three went after each other. Nikki kicked Naomi down and Paige went after her. Nikki was pulled to the outside and sent into the ringside announcer’s table. Paige grabbed Naomi by the hair and pulled her back in the ring, working her over.

Nikki returned but couldn’t get it going and was tossed back to the floor. Naomi worked over Paige, nailing a nice suplex. She placed Paige on the top rope and began working her over. She tried to set up for a a back suplex but Nikki slipped underneath with a powerbomb. Nikki covered each of her challengers for a two count. Paige locked the PTO on Nikki but was dropkicked by Naomi for a two count. Naomi went to the ropes but Paige grabbed her and placed her on her shoulders. Naomi nailed a reverse hurricanrana. Paige went to the floor. Nikki nailed Naomi, scored with the Rack Attack and grabbed the pin.

Winner: Nikki Bella

May 29, 2015
This Week Movement Superstar Last Week
7 Paige
The Diva of Tomorrow made the most of her chance by winning Raw’s Divas Battle Royal, but whether she can compete at Extreme Rules remains in question following Naomi’s post-match attack.
May 28, 2015

Paige has some comments for her opponent. Paige says Naomi talks about what she is owed and what she has had taken away. Paige says she earned a title match but it was taken away. It has given Paige the ability to take back what is her and it starts tonight.

Naomi also has something to say. Naomi says that Paige thinks she is getting even tonight, and Naomi laughs at that idea. Paige is just way to emotional about this whole situation. Naomi says she is not emotional and she does not care about what she does. She is looking forward to Paige’s breakdown when she becomes the Divas Champion.

Paige vs. Naomi w/Tamina

Naomi with kicks to the leg as she tries to frustrate Paige. Paige forces Naomi into the ropes and Naomi continues to laugh. They lock up and Paige backs Naomi into the corner and punches her. Paige stomps a mudhole into Naomi and she screams. Naomi goes to the floor and she is hung over the middle rope while Paige connects with a series of knees. Naomi sends Paige’s arm into the ring post. Naomi returns to the ring and she applies a hammer lock and sends Paige into the turnbuckles. Naomi kicks Paige and puts pressure on the arm in the corner. Naomi with an arm bar and she stomps on the injured arm. Naomi with knee drops to the arm and she uses Paige’s own arm to choke her.

Naomi with a top wrist lock but Paige with an arm drag to escape. Paige with a series of short arm clotheslines followed by a drop kick and thrust kick. Paige is kicked away. Paige kicks Tamina. Naomi tries for a cross body but Paige catches her and hits the RamPaige for the three count.

After the match, Tamina comes into the ring but Paige is able to escape in time. Paige gets to the ramp and Nikki and Brie Bella appear on the stage.

Winner: Paige

May 27, 2015

In an exclusive interview with Michael Cole, Paige reveals why she and Naomi will never be friends as both Divas prepare to battle for Nikki Bella’s Divas Championship at WWE Elimination Chamber.

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