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May 4, 2013

Wheeling, West Virginia:

WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn & Paige defeated Tamina Snuka & Emma.

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May 3, 2013

Youngstown, Ohio:

WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn & Emma defeated Paige & Tamina Snuka

May 2, 2013

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[spoiler]Summer Rae defeated Natalya with a rollup. Paige came out while Natalya was attempting a sharpshooter and Rae pushed Natalya into Paige before rolling her up for the victory.[/spoiler]

May 2, 2013

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[spoiler]Paige defeated Bayley. After the match, Summer Rae came out and attacked Paige from behind.

Dusty Rhodes announces that beginning at the next tapings, scheduled for May 23rd, a tournament to determine the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion will begin.[/spoiler]

May 1, 2013

A video package is shown highlighted the feud between Paige and Summer Rae, concluding with Summer attacking Paige from behind and accepting her challenge to a match.

Paige vs. Summer Rae

As Paige was making her entrance, Summer attacked her from behind and throws her in the ring. Paige gets the advantage and throws Rae neck-first into the ring rope, and drops her to the mat by her hair. The girls get into a slapfest. Fisherman suplex by Paige for a two count. A catfight then emerges, as we head into commercial.

We’re back from break, and Rae dropkicks Paige into the ropes. Rae mocks Paige’s primal scream, then locks in the indian deathlock. Paige manages to get to the rope, to break the submission. Summer then goes for a pin for a two count. Kick to the midsection by Paige as she throws Rae by her hair twice. Paige with boots to the chest of Summer. Rae exits the ring and says she’s leaving. Paige goes after her, and whips her into the ring apron. They get back into the ring, as Rae goes for her roundhouse kick, but Paige blocks and nails the Paige Turner for the victory. Paige celebrates the win, as she stands tall over a fallen Summer.

Winner: Paige

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Apr 18, 2013

We have a few new scans added at These include the April 2012 edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Issue 92 of Fighting Spirit Magazine, as well as the May 2013 WWE Magazine. I would like to thank the awesome Jen and David (We Want Paige sign guy) for these wonderful donations. You can view them all in their entirety at the links below.

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