FCW Coverage – March 18, 2012

Paige & Sofia Cortez vs. Kaitlyn & Audrey Marie

Kaitlyn and Sofia start things off and they lock up. Kaitlyn spanks Sofia and then she applies a side head lock and gives Sofia a few noogies. Sofia works on the wrist and Kaitlyn with a reversal. Kaitlyn pulls Sofia up by the arm and gets a near fall. Audrey tags in and connects with an arm drag. Audrey with a drop kick and Sofia goes to the floor. Paige hits Audrey from behind while the referee is distracted. Sofia with a kick and she gets a near fall. Sofia with an Irish whip and she goes after Kaitlyn on the apron. Paige tags back in and she punches Audrey and then they hit a double belly-to-back suplex followed by a kick.

Paige with a suplex and she gets a near fall. Paige with a side slam and she gets a near fall. Paige with a forearm to the back and then she works on the abdomen and applies a step over toe hold into an elevated Scorpion but Audrey is close to the ropes. Sofia tags in and she hits a Northern Lights suplex and gets a near fall. Audrey with forearms followed by a neck breaker. Paige tags in and Audrey is unable to reach the extra few inches to tag in Kaitlyn because he was not really extending her arm. Paige is kicked away by Audrey and Kaitlyn is tagged in. Kaitlyn with a running shoulder tackle and she knocks Sofia off the apron. Kaitlyn with a drop kick and a cross body for a near fall. Kaitlyn with a Bubba Bomb followed by a full nelson with her legs and Paige taps out.

Winners: Kaitlyn & Audrey Marie

After the match, Audrey and Kaitlyn celebrate their victory and Sofia and Paige attack Kaitlyn and Audrey. Paige with a full nelson on Audrey and Caylee Turner knocks Sofia off the turnbuckles. Audrey fights back and then Raquel Diaz enters the ring and Kaitlyn stops her with a drop kick.

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