Interview with Sweet Saraya Knight

The Krupy is back with another great interview, this time with Paige’s mother, Sweet Saraya! In the interview she mentions Paige throughout, so take a look at what she had to say and also check out Art of Wrestling’s awesome site!

The Krupy: Please tell us what some of your favourite matches have been from your career.

Saraya Knight: Damn, I’ve had so many, I obviously loved working Luna Vachon who was an idol of mine, and Karma was cool, wrestling Yoshida was amazing!! Wesna I think was my most memorable as it was outside in a thunderstorm, with torrential rain and a vinyl canvass, and we still pulled the crowd in, it was just after my return from the knee injury. I always adored wrestling my daughter Saraya-Jade, as she is a fantastic opponent. We had a great match in Norway and she beat me with her finisher the Rampaige on her first attempt ..the bitch! She knocked me out!!

Interview with Sweet Saraya KnightThe Krupy: Where does the name Sweet Saraya come from?

Saraya Knight: I thought up the name when I was about 16 years old, I was moshing in a metalclub and the DJ said that was the latest song by Slayer, I was pissed and thought he said Saraya, and loved it as a name, and decided if I ever had a baby girl I would name her Saraya, but my wrestling career came first so I took it, and Sweet was added later by Orig Williams a Bigtime Welsh Promoter who put me into his magazine to the headline ‘Sour Touch from the Sweet Saraya’ but I still got my little girl with the name!!

The Krupy: What will be the lasting legacy for Sweet Saraya?

Saraya Knight: My children will be my legacy and their children will be theirs as the next generation of Knights are now already breaking through!

The Krupy: Since your SHIMMER debut, I’m a huge fan of your daughter Paige. She’s now doing very well in WWE, so I want to ask you, How it feels to see your daughter shine in the biggest wrestling company on this planet?

Saraya Knight: There isn’t a drug that could top the buzz I get when I watch her, She is one of my heros and I adore her for staying the same and not letting anything turn her head. She is and will always be my little girl and I wish I could bottle her aura I would make a fortune.

The Krupy: Please choose a few words to best describe these people:

Saraya Knight: Paige – Phenomenal