J.R. mentions Paige in Q&A

J.R. has done another of his Q&A’s, and this time he was given a question regarding the Anti Diva herself. When a reader commented about the Paige sign and chant from Raw, he asked how they would fair on the main roster. J.R. responded by saying Paige, along with Summer Rae still need more time. What are your thoughts on J.R.’s postings? Let us know on twitter @paigefancom!

Justin UK Asks: Hi Jim, long time reader and fan. On RAW we saw our first We Want Paige sign and a small chant. On NXT Paige and Summer Rae are absolutely entertaining me on a weekly basis. I understand there may be an issue with Paige’s age, but how soon would you expect to see these two girls on the main roster, and how do you think they’ll do?

J.R.’s Answer: When the two ladies you spoke of are ready they will be called up. I think both need more time in NXT. Life on the road is hard and takes preparation. Let’s allow them to improve and better prepare for the grueling road schedule that awaits them. There is no hurry.