Mickie James mentions Paige

This week, Mickie James has been down in Orlando teaching the ladies of NXT along with trainer Sara Del Rey. With that being said, WWE.com caught up wihth the former Divas Champion and she just so happens to mention her thoughts on Paige and the other NXT Divas.

WWE.COM: Were there any Divas at the WWE Performance Center that stood out to you?

MICKIE: Oh yeah, absolutely. Obviously, I see so much with Paige; she’s awesome, I think she’s really great. And there are a few of the younger girls. Lexi has tons of personality and tons of potential. Mercedes and Emma are really good. Shaul Guerrero, too; I don’t know if it’s just because it’s in her blood, but she’s a natural. Her footwork, her movements, and her personality are through the roof. Each of them has their strengths and you can see their personalities coming out more and more. That’s what I’ve really been trying to focus on with them too.