Paige reveals proud parents were reduced to tears

British Newspaper The Mirror have posted a new article on their website, where they have interviewed the new Divas Champion. You can check out the article below, along with photos from the website using the link at the end of this post.

WWE Divas champion Paige reveals proud parents were reduced to tears by daughter’s Raw debut and title win

Norwich-born double champ also confirms she has no intention of giving up her NXT Women’s title.

New WWE Divas champ Paige has revealed her proud mum and dad were reduced to tears by her historic title win and Raw debut this past Monday.

Parents Sweet Saraya and Ricky Knight are British wrestling veterans that have seen it all – but the enormity of their youngest child’s TV victory over AJ Lee left them bursting with emotion.

“Dad couldn’t say anything! He was silent but crying tears of joy,” Paige revealed to Mirror TV.

“Mum, however, couldn’t stop screaming!”

Paige also confirmed she has no intention of giving up her NXT Women’s title and concentrate on the company’s primary female championship.

006“No way will I be vacating my NXT belt – I’m a double champion,” she said, almost as if she has to keep repeating the fact to convince herself that her dream has in fact come true.

Despite being only 21, Paige is hardly new to the sports entertainment game having been raised in a wrestling family – and making her own way in the ring since she was 13.

Now, Norwich’s favourite daughter is an international star – and the raven-haired ‘Anti Diva’ can talk more turkey with her opponents than East Anglia’s Bernard Matthews.

But it is apparent when speaking to Mirror TV she is still riding a wave of euphoria.

“I was so overwhelmed when the other Divas surprised me backstage with a group hug, it was almost like a pile on!” she said.

“But when it comes to business, I will take them all on. Bring it on!”

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