NXT Live Event Coverage – April 12, 2014

Cocoa, Florida:

Paige came to the ring with her NXT Women’s Champioship and WWE Divas Championship. She is greeted with a “You deserve it!” chant. She asks who saw Monday Night Raw and reminds fans that she beat the longest reigning Divas Champion AJ Lee to win the Championship. She asks whether people really thought she was there just to congratulate AJ. She thanks the fans for all the support, after nine long years and a lot of hard work to get where she is today. Paige says that she is a history maker. She tells us that she is bugged by the fact people saying she can’t handle being a dual champion, and that she isn’t pretty enough to be there. But Paige says she will continue to prove the haters wrong, and she will handle being a dual champion. She mentions that she’ll take on every Diva on NXT, Raw and SmackDown. Paige goes on to say she will be the longest reigning Divas Champion in history, and if you don’t agree then “Think Again!”.

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