WWE SmackDown Coverage – April 18, 2014

Paige vs. Aksana

Prior to the match, Aksana takes the mic and tells Paige all the divas are jealous of her. That’s because they’re insecure. Aksana tells Paige she got lucky winning the Diva’s Championship but tonight her luck runs out.

Aksana goes after Paige. The crowd starts chanting “Let’s Go Paige”. Aksana with a kick and suplex to Paige. Waistlock by Aksana and Paige fires elbows into the side of Aksana’s head. Paige with a series of knee strikes on the aprn. Aksana to the outside levels Paige with a clothesline. Aksana rolls Paige back into the ring. Spinebuster by Aksana then Elbow drop on Paige. Chinlock by Aksana. Aksana with a series of kicks to Paige. Irish whip, misses with a clothesline and both divas collide mid-ring. A slap by Aksana and Paige with a kneelift and clthesline. Aksana blocks a clothesline and shoves Paige into the ropes, Paige off the ropes connects with a dropkick. Paige then applies the Scorpion Cross Lock on Aksana for the submission victory.

Winner: Paige

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