WWE SmackDown Coverage – April 25, 2014

They air a Paige vignette, showing her win over AJ Lee and becoming Divas Champion. We get highlights from Paige’s interview with Michael Cole. Paige says that she was feeling so many emotions – happy, overwhelmed, excited, shocked. She says that she deserves it after training for such a long time. Paige mentions that the flood gates opened when she walked back through the curtain when she won the title and made her dream a reality. She says that she doesn’t care if people see her in that emotional state, because it shows how much it means to her and how passionate she is. She doesn’t want people to underestimate her. Paige knows she has a target on her back, but she promises that none of the other Divas will take her title. We see Tamina Snuka winning the Battle Royal and becoming the #1 Contender. Paige mentions that she is confident, yet a little bit petrified. She says that she has seen how hard Tamina works, but she isn’t going to be intimidated. Paige is gonna go in all guns blazing, and even if Tamina beats her half to death, she will still walk out Divas Champion.

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