WWE Extreme Rules 2014 predictions

20140414_ER_MATCHES_LIGHT_HP_divasJoey Styles: The native of Norwich, England, was born and bred to be the first female to hold both the NXT Women’s and WWE Divas Championships. AJ Lee never knew what hit her the night after WrestleMania and neither will Tamina at Extreme Rules. With all due respect to the powerful challenger, the 21-year-old Paige is just beginning her decades of Diva dominance. WINNER: Paige

Howard Finkel: Tamina Snuka has everything to gain and nothing to lose. I have a lot of respect for Paige’s wrestling acumen and the splash that she’s made in WWE, but I truly believe that Tamina is going to give a stellar effort this Sunday, which will catapult her into the lofty position of becoming the new Divas Champion. WINNER: Tamina Snuka

Ryan Murphy: Tamina Snuka is probably the last person Paige wanted to be facing in her first major Divas Title defense. She’s big, she’s strong and she’s not at all charmed by Paige’s British accent. Tamina is going to put this youngster through hell, but Paige will manage to pull out an unexpected win and come out on the other end looking better than ever. WINNER: Paige

Bobby Melok: Paige has blown away the WWE Universe since her shocking debut, but the raven-haired Diva faces her first true test at Extreme Rules. While Tamina will be out to take Paige’s head off with one of her trademark kicks, the feisty champion will use the size difference to her advantage, ducking and diving away from Snuka. She may not be able to trap Tamina in the Scorpion Cross Lock, but I think Paige has enough mettle to walk out of the Meadowlands with her championship. WINNER: Paige

John Clapp: Styles make fights, and I’m digging the dichotomy between the Divas Champion and her challenger. Ultimately, Paige won’t enjoy it nearly as much. By winning the Divas Title in her debut, she accomplished in one night what Tamina hasn’t done in four years, and the talented Diva from England will pay for her success at Extreme Rules. WINNER: Tamina Snuka

Paige: 3, Tamina Snuka: 2

Source: WWE.com