WWE Raw Coverage – July 28, 2014

Paige comes out and says she is setting the record straight, and AJ is still her best friend in the world. She says last week she was wrong, and she crossed the line, but she saw AJ as someone who took her title. She says she will never do that again, then AJ comes out and says she gets it, and she knows how Paige is feeling right now. AJ says she will talk crap to Paige’s face like a real woman, then Paige says she is a real friend and AJ is crazy if she doesn’t believe her. AJ asks what she said and Paige apologizes for the oversight, then takes a subtle dig and says she wouldn’t make fun of mental health. AJ says it’s OK and it happens, then she tackles Paige and punches her a few times before throwing her out on the floor. AJ tackles her into the barricade and whips her, but Paige leaps over the steps and retreats and tries to tell AJ they are still friends.