WWE SmackDown Coverage – September 12, 2014

Paige vs. Summmer Rae w/Layla

AJ Lee is on commentary. They lock up, and Paige powers her to the corner. Summer soon kicks and punches her down in the corner until the referee backs her up. Summer applies a modified full nelson with her legs. Summer transitions it to a body-scissor, but Paige head-butts out. Paige hits a short-arm clothesline before putting her on the ropes and kneeing away at her from the apron. Paige looks at AJ before getting back in the ring. Paige then applies the Black Widow, AJ’s move, for the win.

Paige stares at AJ before going to leave the ring. Layla goes to attack Paige, but AJ takes Layla and kicks her. AJ then hits her with the Paige Turner. Paige takes exception to that, but AJ simply skips away.

Winner: Paige

Byron Saxton is backstage with Nikki Bella. Saxton asks what the Jerry Springer intervention meant for her. Nikki says it was a tough day. The entire world got a taste of what she’s gone through. She’s the victim, not Brie. Nikki says she’s going through a lot when she should be focusing on the Divas Title Match. Focusing on winning that match makes her forget that she has a sister. AJ Lee comes up and says Nikki weaseled her way into her rematch for the title. Paige comes up and says its not about her, AJ, and Nikki. It’s about her and AJ only. She’ll beat AJ one more time so they can be friends again. Paige forgets who Nikki is and walks off. Nikki says this could be easy.

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