WWE SmackDown Coverage – September 19, 2014

Paige vs. Nikki Bella

Paige made her ring entrance, and AJ was introduced on commentary. Nikki Bella then made her entrance. Nikki hit a nice kick out to start the match that rattled Paige, but she only got a one count. Paige tried to regroup on the outside, but Nikki tossed her back in. Nikki lost focus and looked at AJ, which allowed Paige to kick her off the apron. They hit strikes back and forth as AJ made references to being interested in Paige sexually on commentary. Nikki got a near fall after a nice clothesline. Paige fired back immediately with kicks and then a Paige Turner for the win.

Winner: Paige

After the match, AJ grabbed the Divas Title and cradled it. She brought it to Paige, who screamed for it like a toddler. They both fought over the title briefly until Nikki grabbed it. She hit both women with the belt and celebrated before leaving the title in the ring.

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