WWE SmackDown Coverage – October 3, 2014

Paige vs. Naomi

Paige applies a side headlock but Naomi shoves her in the corner and dropkicks her, then she connects with a second dropkick and a hurricanrana. Naomi hits her again and Alicia tries to pull Paige outside, but Naomi kicks her and takes Alicia down with a diving splash on the floor. Naomi gets on the apron and Paige knees her in the face, then she pulls her over and makes her tap out to the PTO.

Winner: Paige

AJ’s music hits and Fox jumps in the ring expecting that she’ll join Paige in battle against AJ. Paige abandons Fox though, and Fox gets a beatdown for her trouble. We later see that Paige hid out from AJ by putting on JBL’s hat and cowering behind him.

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