Interview with FHM Malaysia

001As we are all excited for WWE’s return to Malaysia after 12 years, could you share with us what fans can expect this October at the live show?
You’re definitely be entertained and at some point be happy, then angry, then sad, then happy again. Just get ready for a great night out with the family.

To be a WWE Superstar/Diva, it requires a lot of training and discipline, what is your advice to all the youngsters in Malaysia who aspire to be just like you?
It definitely takes a lot of discipline and training but I would also include a lot of patience. I’ll give you a piece of advice that The Rock gave me; ”stay hungry and humble”. That advice has had a huge influence on my attitude throughout my career.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Malaysia?
I honestly don’t know all that much about Malaysia besides it’s a really long plane ride for us!

002Will this be your first visit to Malaysia, are you excited about it? What are you looking forward to most when you visit Malaysia?
This will be my first time to Malaysia and I am very excited for the tour. One thing I really look forward to is seeing how the crowd is and how they are different from the US and other countries.

Since this is your first WWE event in Malaysia, how are you preparing for it?
I’m preparing for Malaysia the same way as I do for any show. It’s just another day at the office; I’m packing my suitcase and I’ll give 100% to make sure everyone is entertained.

Do you have any special message for your Malaysian fans?
Thank you for all of the support and I can’t wait to see everyone for my first tour in Malaysia.

What is your signature move and what was the inspiration behind that?
Paige-Turner; Ram-Paige; PTO (Paige Tapout) and the inspiration is that Paige is incorporated into all of them.

003Among all the matches that you’ve wrestled in, which is by far your most memorable one?
Probably my first match ever in WWE; it was the Raw after WrestleMania 30 when I pinned AJ for the Divas Championship.

What is your routine before a match?
Not really, I just put on headphones to get in my zone.

Who were your favourite wrestlers growing up, how did they influence you to be a WWE Superstar?
Stone Cold Steve Austin – probably my all-time favorite
Bull Nakano
Lita – She was my style icon

What is your favourite type of match and why?
I would say a Submission Match because us British wrestlers incorporate a lot of submission holds so I would love to be in a Submission Match with some like AJ who also has a good submission hold (Black Widow).

Source: FHM Malaysia