WWE SmackDown Coverage – January 22, 2015

We are back and Paige and Natalya are at the announce table for the next match. The Bellas are in the Goldman Box to talk about their match at The Royal Rumble. Brie asks if she could imagine being married to Natalya. Nikki says it would seem like she would rather cuddle with her cats than her husband. Nikki then asks what would it be like to date Paige. Brie says it would have to be at night so her skin wouldn’t burn up. Nikki is confused and Brie explains that she is like a vampire. They say that they will show on Sunday why everyone wants to be a Bella Twin.

Naomi vs. Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella

Naomi with a rollup when Brie got distracted. Naomi with a drop kick. Brie misses a clothesline and Naomi with a flying flip clothesline followed by forearms. Brie with an Irish whip and Naomi with a kick from the turnbuckles. Naomi slides to the apron and she tries to kick Brie on the apron and Brie moves and drops her on the top rope. Brie sends Naomi back into the ring and hits a drop kick and gets a near fall. Brie sends Naomi into the turnbuckles and Brie with a running bulldog and she gets a near fall. Brie with a knee to the midsection and then Brie sets for a running knee but Naomi moves. Naomi with clotheslines and a back heel kick. Brie block a kick and then drops down to hyperextend the knee. Brie follows with an X Factor for the three count.

After the match, Nikki comes into the ring to celebrate with her sister. Paige and Natalya get up from the announce table and we have a stare down.

Winner: Brie Bella