WWE SmackDown Coverage – January 29, 2015

It is announced that Paige will challenge Nikki Bella for the Divas Championshi at WWE Fastlane. We then go backstage to Renee Young, alongside Paige. Renee congratulates Paige on her title match until The Bella Twins show up. Brie mocks Paige’s skin tone, and Nikki asks if she is sick. Brie says that it looks like the blizzard brought SmackDown it’s own little snow angel. Nikki goes on to say that obviously Paige hates the sun, and that she looks like a blood-sucking vampire. Paige starts laughing herself, and says that’s so funny. Then out of nowhere, Paige throws a fist into Brie until Nikki floors her with a forearm and leaves her laying.