WWE SmackDown Coverage – February 12, 2015

Summer Rae is in the ring as Paige makes her way out to the ring. We recap the last two weeks between Paige and the Bella Twins. The Bella Twins join commentary at ringside.

Paige vs. Summer Rae

We start with a lock up in the center of the ring and Paige takes Summer down. Summer tries to roll up Paige but Paige escapes and kicks Summer in the head. Paige gets the upper hand and elbows Summer in the corner. Summer hits a kick and gets a two count. Summer puts a submission on Paige and works on her legs. Paige rolls her up and gets a two count. Summer gets control but Paige hits a kick and a clothesline. Paige hits a super kick then puts Summer in the PTO and Summer taps out.

After the match Paige and the Bella Twins have words.

Winner: Paige