WWE SmackDown Coverage – March 5, 2015

AJ Lee w/Paige vs. Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella

The bell rings, and they circle the ring. They lock up, and Brie quickly takes her down. AJ skips around the ring before they lock up again. Brie powers her to the corner and slams her off the turnbuckle a few times. AJ quickly catches her with knees to the face before hitting an arm drag. AJ applies an arm bar, but Brie fights up. AJ transitions to a hammerlock, but Brie elbows out. Brie hits the ropes, but AJ takes her down with a back elbow. AJ slides under the bottom rope and sweeps the feet. AJ then comes off the top rope with a cross-body block for a two count. Brie quickly elbows her in the face before hitting a missile dropkick for a two count. Brie slams the back of her head off the mat a few times for a two count. Brie sends her into the ropes and clotheslines her for a two count.

Brie locks her in an abdominal stretch, but AJ fights up. Brie quickly takes her back down before smirking. Brie hits the ropes and hits a low dropkick to the ribs for another two count. Brie sends her into the corner a few times before talking trash to Paige. AJ quickly pulls her into the turnbuckle and rolls her up, but Brie kicks out. Brie then connects with a clothesline for a near fall. Brie then applies a chin lock. AJ fights up and elbows out, but Brie DDTs her. Brie smiles before covering for another near fall. Brie can’t believe it. She covers again, but AJ kicks out. Brie sends her into the ropes and elbows her. Brie then talks more trash to Paige before covering AJ for a near fall. Brie angrily yells at the referee. Brie hits a snapmare before taunting the crowd. Brie then hits a rolling neck snapper for another near fall. Brie reapplies the chin lock, but AJ fights her way back up again. AJ fights out and hits the ropes, but Brie knees her in the midsection. Brie goes for a running knee to the face and connects. Brie goes to the second rope for a missile dropkick, but AJ sidesteps her.

The referee is counting them down, but they get to their feet. AJ hits a Lou Thesz Press and punches away at her. AJ hits a running elbow before splashing her in the corner. AJ then connects with a neckbreaker. AJ kicks her in the midsection and dropkicks her out of the ring. Paige approaches her, and Brie quickly backs away. Nikki quickly gets over there and holds the title up. All four have a standoff before AJ throws Brie in the ring. AJ ducks a clothesline and applies the Black Widow to a big reception. Nikki tries to interfere, but Paige viciously pulls her off the apron. Brie then taps out.

Winner: AJ Lee

The Bella Twins back up the ramp looking very displeased. AJ and Paige celebrate in the ring.