WWE SmackDown Coverage – March 26, 2015

AJ Lee makes her way to the ring to a nice reception. Footage is shown of her and Paige brawling on RAW after some miscommunication. AJ says the fans have known her for a long time. They’ve seen her as a diva, a General Manager, everyone’s girlfriend, but most importantly as the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. She loved that Divas Title, and so does Paige. On RAW, the Bella Twins used that love to their advantage. They had a plan, and it worked. But because of that and so many other reasons, at WrestleMania she’s going to step up to those pampered, prissy, plastic mannequins and beat them. The only question is whether she’ll do it alone. If Paige wants to join her in the ring in front of 70,000 people is entirely up to her.

Paige’s music, and she makes her way to the ring. Paige loves how AJ wants to skip past what happened on RAW, but she’s not fooling anyone. It’s been nearly a year since she debuted after WrestleMania and won the championship from AJ. AJ doesn’t want her to have it back. AJ says she wants to be champion – and when she wants something, she gets it. However, as long as they’re threatening each other, they’re no threat to the Bella Twins. Paige knows they need to even the numbers, but how does she know if this isn’t one of AJ’s tricks where she screws her over? AJ says she hates losing. Paige is just like her. Paige is stubborn, weird as hell, and out of her mind, but she hates losing to. That’s why they can’t let the Kardashians win at WrestleMania. Paige says she’s right. It’s time to ditch the frenemies thing and become tag team partners.

The Bella Twins’ music hits, and they make their way out to the stage. Nikki says the compulsive liar and the back stabber are together. AJ can manipulate the people to make them believe what she says is true, but it won’t help them win on Sunday. Brie says they have a bond that AJ and Paige couldn’t even dream of. Nikki has done hurtful things to her in the past, but she’s forgiven her because they’re sisters. Nikki says they desperately want her Divas Title. She can’t let AJ win it because she’ll never show up to defend it. Brock Lesnar probably worked more days than her this past year. Nikki says she’s been running this division while AJ has been sipping virgin margaritas. Nikki says they remind her of every other diva in the locker room so desperately trying to be them. Brie says everyone wants to be a Bella.

AJ says they really do want to be D-list failed actresses like them. Paige says they prefer to be the freaks, the geeks, the widows, the misfits, and the oddballs. Most of all, they prefer being the ones who aren’t afraid to be themselves. AJ says they are what real women look like and at WrestleMania, they’re going to kick their ass. Nikki says she doesn’t prefer labels, but a real woman stops talking and does something about it. Brie holds her back. Nikki says, “See you bitches at WrestleMania.” The Bella Twins pose at the top of the ramp.