WWE Raw Coverage – April 13, 2015

No. 1 Contender’s Diva Battle Royal
Paige vs. Summer Rae vs. Naomi vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Natalya vs. Cameron vs. Alicia Fox vs. Emma

Nattie, Summer and Emma get knocked out almost immediately, then Alicia and Naomi go at it with Alicia hitting a scissors kick. Cameron joins in and they both try to eliminate Paige, but Paige saves herself and Cameron kicks her in the face. They throw Paige through the ropes again but she lands on the apron, then Naomi hits a Double Rear View as they turn around. Naomi throws Cameron outside and Paige tosses Alicia, then Naomi kicks Paige in the head and pulls her to the apron. Naomi knees her a few times and tries to kick her off the apron, but Paige hangs on and repeatedly knees Naomi in the face. Naomi comes back with a high kick to the face, then Paige catches her leg and Naomi hits an enziguiri. Naomi goes for a Rear View but Paige ducks it, and she kicks Naomi twice and eliminates her to win.

Winner: Paige

Bryon Saxton interviews Paige after the match and she cuts a promo about this being her house, and she came a long way to get there. Naomi rushes in from behind and attacks her, then whips Paige into the barricade and mocks her.