This Week in History – August 5, 2014

AJ Lee vs. Summer Rae

AJ and Summer lock up, with Summer hitting a quick knee. AJ however fights back and hits a couple of neckbreakers. AJ then hits a dropkick but lands on her injured neck. Summer then immediately goes on the attack, working on the neck. AJ however catches Summer with the Black Widow out of no where and Summer has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: AJ Lee

AJ gets on the mic and says she has a story to tell everyone. She says she was just a regular girl but then became a queen when she became champion. AJ then says that it was taken from her by an evil witch, and that she was her own white knight when she won her title back. She says she ruined Paige’s life. Out comes Paige. Paige says she’s thrilled to see AJ back on her feet again. Paige says she and AJ belong in the ring together. Paige says she respects and loves AJ. She says she still wants to be friends after she takes her title back at SummerSlam. She says this is a great story. AJ says that she likes Paige’s style, but she won’t like how the story ends. She says that Paige says it’s her house, but she is wrong, because it is her kingdom. AJ holds up the title as Paige looks on.