This Week in History – October 10, 2012

Paige & Audrey Marie vs. Kaitlyn & Alicia Fox

Kaitlyn starts off with Paige as they lock up. Hip toss by Kaitlyn, as Paige reverses and kicks her in the shoulder. Tag in to Audrey, as she hits an arm drag on Kaitlyn and works over the arm of Kaitlyn. The upper hand changes and Kaitlyn tags in Fox. The two exchange a handful of pins and counters until Kaitlyn is tagged in. Kaitlyn shows her power and dominates Marie, and then tags out to Fox.

Enter Fox, and she repeatedly knocks Audrey’s head against the turnbuckle, then hits a snapmare and covers for a near fall. Fox has Marie in a headlock, until she trips her and tags out to Kaitlyn; who once again uses her strength. Kaitlyn locks in a submission, and Marie reverses into a pin for a 2 count. In comes Paige, as she nails a combination of take downs. The crowd is getting behind her. Paige goes for the Rampaige but Fox counters into a pin for a near fall. Paige Kicks Fox in the midsection, and hits a dropkick on the chin as Kaitlyn enters to breakup the pin. Audrey enters but gets thrown to the outside by Kaitlyn. Paige uses Fox to knock Kaitlyn off the apron, and rolls her up for the victory.

Winners: Paige & Audrey Marie