WWE Raw Coverage – November 27, 2017

Banks is in the ring waiting for her partners, Mickie James and Bayley. James’ music plays but James never comes out. Bayley’s music starts to play but Bayley never comes out either. Banks is left in the ring alone. Paige’s music hits. Paige, Deville, and Rose walk out on the ramp. Paige tells Banks she looks good after what they did to her last week. Paige asks Deville and Rose what happened to James and Bayley. Deville and Rose both shrug. James is shown on the ‘Tron clutching at her ankle. Next, Bayley is down on the ground holding her neck. Paige says she guesses this is going to be a handicap match now.

As Paige is talking Alexa Bliss leaves the commentary desk. Paige says she is the matriarch of the Women’s Revolution. She singlehandedly erased the word Diva from the WWE. Paige intros her team as “Absolution”. Rose says before all of them there was Paige. Deville says none of this would have ever happened without Paige. Together Absolution is going to turn into a whole new revolution. Paige tells Banks she is either with them or against them. Banks thinks about it and eventually knocks Paige off the apron. Rose and Deville destroy Banks. Deville kicks Banks in the head. Rose hits a butterfly facebuster. Paige finishes Banks off with the RamPaige.

Later in the night, Asuka quickly defeated Dana Brooke. After the match, Paige’s music hits and out comes Absolution. The team surrounds the ring. Absolution backs off for some reason. Asuka slowly walks away. Asuka never takes her eyes off of Paige.