SmackDown Coverage – July 3, 2018

Renee Young is in the ring and she brings out Daniel Bryan and Kane. They make their way to the ring. Renee asks about their reunion last week and their complicated relationship. Daniel says that is the beautiful thing about their relationship. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they hug, but in the ring they always deliver and they are unstoppable. Kane says they fought blindfolded and with their arm tied behind their match. They faced off against The Shield. They have graduated with honors from Anger Management. Team Hell No is back and better than ever.

Renee asks Kane why did he come back. Kane says Daniel can have a bit of a temper. He knew that Daniel couldn’t let go what happened a few weeks ago with the Bludgeon Brothers and he knew it would blow up. He says that Daniel always has a demon watching over him. Daniel says not always but he says they will become the new Tag Team Champions. Daniel says it is not true that Kane has always watched over him. The last time they wrestled, they were opponents. Kane says they were always friends. Daniel points out that Kane tried to end his career. Kane says that everyone likes to win. Daniel reminds Kane that he tombstoned him many times and it wasn’t even a match. Kane says they don’t have to dig up the past. This is a new start. They have to focus on what unites them. Daniel reminds Kane that he tried to abduct his wife. Kane says tried and that they have had their differences. He says he always had his back. Daniel says no and Kane says yes.

They continue until the music for the Usos plays. Jimmy says he saw him last week. Jey says hello to Kane and the leader of Sweet Beatz. Jimmy asks Jey if he remembers when Team Hell No were the hottest team and how they argued all the time. Jimmy asks if they deserve a shot at the tag titles and Jimmy and Jey say HELL NO. The fact of the matter is that a lot has changed since they were a team. They have Smackdown on lock and they welcome Kane and Daniel to the Uso Penitentiary. Jey says they got a tag title match for hugging. Jimmy and Jey hug a total of four times and that means four tag title matches. Daniel says if you think you can beat them, come into the ring and fight them right now. Kane says they will consider this as a team and get back to The Usos. Daniel asks Kane if he is ready. Daniel says Kane still thinks he is the weak link.

Paige’s music plays and she says as General Manager, it is her obligation to do what is right for the WWE Universe. The tag title match will still take place. Daniel and Kane will have to face the Usos tonight in the main event. If the Usos win, they will be added to the tag title match at Extreme Rules.