NXT Wrestling Profile

NXT Wrestling ProfilePAIGE

HOMETOWN: Norwich, England
BIRTHDAY: August 17

The self-proclaimed “Anti-Diva” comes to NXT all the way from England. The mysterious, raven-haired lady comes from a wrestling background, with her entire family performing around the world.

Despite her young age (Paige is the youngest diva in NXT), this angry Brit has been wrestling for 7 years prior to arriving at NXT in January 2012.

But do not let Paige’s age fool you. This youthful “Anti-Diva” has created waves in the division. She not only has experience, but she has the aggression and her “anti- Barbie army” behind her.

This young competitor has vowed to redefine people’s perception of a “Diva” and has been nothing short of unstoppable since her debut in NXT.