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The Layfield Report – Interview with The Knights

There have been many great wrestling families over the years from the Von Erich’s to the Hart’s, and the Knight’s a British family from Norwich are among them. The Knights consist of dad Ricky, mum Julia Hamer-Bevis (Sweet Saraya), son’s Zak and Roy, and daughter Britani.

Knight_FamilyThe family starred in Channel 4 documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family, which followed the Knight children as they had tryouts with the WWE, and Britani ended up getting a contract and has since been a huge success in the WWE’s developmental territory NXT as Anti-Diva Paige.

After the success of the documentary there have been talks of a series and this is something the family would welcome, Ricky revealed.

“It was a really good experience making the documentary, we’ve done a lot of TV over the years like chat shows and other documentaries, but this one the whole family was involved.

“It was only on for an hour but they followed us about for 14 months, some days it could get frustrating because they are in your face on a bad day or if things aren’t going well in the office or your running late for a show they want to get another shot in.

“To be honest we were very lucky because Max (Fisher) the director was really good, and I was pleased with the end product and we got a very positive response and their is talk in the pipeline about doing a series.

“Britani getting the WWE contract whilst filming the documentary actually happened by accident, it was originally going to be about the whole family and WAW but as soon as she got the contract the whole angle of the show changed. That is why they can get a series out of it, because there is so much more in the can.” Continue reading

Sweet Saraya interviewed by The Sun

Sweet Saraya interviewed by The Sun

Sweet Saraya is always vocal about how proud she is of Paige, and she recently discussed this with The Sun! She also talks about the possibility of a full series about her family. You can check out the article in full, below.

THE MUM of the girl tipped to be the WWE’s next hottest Diva has spoken of her pride in an interview with SunSport.

Julia Hamer-Bevis, better known as female wrestler Sweet Saraya, is well known on the UK scene as part of the Knight dynasty along with husband ‘Rowdy’ Ricky Knight and three wrestling children, Zac, Roy and Britani.

They recently starred in a Channel 4 documentary that followed their children trying out for WWE, which ended with Britani getting signed and rechristened Paige ahead of sure-fire US stardom.

And Shimmer World Champion Saraya revealed that the one-off show maybe turned into a full series.

She told us: “The documentary came about when the producer/director Max Fisher contacted us. He is a huge fan of Ricky’s and wanted to do something with him.

“But when he talked to us and found out about the whole family being involved in wrestling it expanded.

“The upcoming WWE trials made it interesting too. I’d love to see it released on DVD, but for now it looks like it may become a series.”

Sweet Saraya interviewed by The SunSaraya added: “Ricky and I love the fact that our family followed us into wrestling and love it as much as we do. We are especially proud that they have made a living out of the job and that they have excelled too.

“I was there when Britani (Paige) was told. It was amazing, she was bouncing off the walls. We as a family were buzzing for her, but inside we all knew we would have to lose her to the States.

“We knew she was going to be huge and are so proud. Now it is the rest of the world’s turn to find that out.

“It is the boys turn to go for it next. We are all rooting for them to follow their sister to the WWE.”

Speaking about the scene in Britain, Saraya is confident that indie promotions such as her husband Ricky’s Norfolk-based WAW will continue to thrive thanks to hard work.

She told us: “Crowd wise, Scotland is doing really well and selling out. Up north the houses are quite big too. In East Anglia it’s profitable, but the work that has to go into getting the bums on seats is endless.

“We have survived as a company since 1994, so we know our market and our shows at Epic Studios in Norwich are a huge attraction.

“What everyone has to understand is wrestling’s popularity turns around every five years. There is a bumper year that tails off over a period of time then it rejuvenates itself.

“It is how it has always been, but every show is a gamble and its one we are willing to keep taking.”

Interview with Sweet Saraya Knight

Interview with Sweet Saraya Knight

The Krupy is back with another great interview, this time with Paige’s mother, Sweet Saraya! In the interview she mentions Paige throughout, so take a look at what she had to say and also check out Art of Wrestling’s awesome site!

The Krupy: Please tell us what some of your favourite matches have been from your career.

Saraya Knight: Damn, I’ve had so many, I obviously loved working Luna Vachon who was an idol of mine, and Karma was cool, wrestling Yoshida was amazing!! Wesna I think was my most memorable as it was outside in a thunderstorm, with torrential rain and a vinyl canvass, and we still pulled the crowd in, it was just after my return from the knee injury. I always adored wrestling my daughter Saraya-Jade, as she is a fantastic opponent. We had a great match in Norway and she beat me with her finisher the Rampaige on her first attempt ..the bitch! She knocked me out!!

Interview with Sweet Saraya KnightThe Krupy: Where does the name Sweet Saraya come from?

Saraya Knight: I thought up the name when I was about 16 years old, I was moshing in a metalclub and the DJ said that was the latest song by Slayer, I was pissed and thought he said Saraya, and loved it as a name, and decided if I ever had a baby girl I would name her Saraya, but my wrestling career came first so I took it, and Sweet was added later by Orig Williams a Bigtime Welsh Promoter who put me into his magazine to the headline ‘Sour Touch from the Sweet Saraya’ but I still got my little girl with the name!!

The Krupy: What will be the lasting legacy for Sweet Saraya?

Saraya Knight: My children will be my legacy and their children will be theirs as the next generation of Knights are now already breaking through!

The Krupy: Since your SHIMMER debut, I’m a huge fan of your daughter Paige. She’s now doing very well in WWE, so I want to ask you, How it feels to see your daughter shine in the biggest wrestling company on this planet?

Saraya Knight: There isn’t a drug that could top the buzz I get when I watch her, She is one of my heros and I adore her for staying the same and not letting anything turn her head. She is and will always be my little girl and I wish I could bottle her aura I would make a fortune.

The Krupy: Please choose a few words to best describe these people:

Saraya Knight: Paige – Phenomenal

Paige Work Live Events; Analyzing her Potential and Future

“Wrestling isn’t just a passion; it’s my future.” – Paige, July 2012

The “enchanting raven-haired lady,” as William Regal likes to refer to her, is definitely the most ‘ready’ diva down in developmental.

Paige, daughter of world renown women’s wrestler Saraya Knight, made her debut at age 14 and quickly made a name for herself in the British wresting circuit. She would make her debut in the United States for SHIMMER in March 2011 eventually getting into a feud with her own mother and defeating her in her last pre-FCW match.

Paige made her FCW television debut in late February and formed an alliance with former WWE Tough Enough contestant Sofia Cortez a few weeks later. As Paige and Sofia’s partnership dwindled down, the malicious Brit would find herself in a feud against Audrey Marie.

Once FCW became NXT Wrestling, Paige would make her debut in the third edition of NXT, decisively losing against Sofia Cortez. Paige would get back on track a couple of weeks later, defeating former rival Audrey Marie, Alicia Fox (twice, might I add) and then teaming with Marie to gain a victory over Fox and NXT season three winner Kaitlyn.

To say that Paige will have a good future is an understatement. She has that natural “it” factor to her, where she gets big reactions regardless of her status as a heel or a face. You could say that she is the face Devon to the NXT Arena’s Impact Zone. Her skills inside the squared circle are far from shabby.

Her gimmick is similar to Beth Phoenix’s last year. At least before WWE screwed it up by having her sport more make up than most of the other divas outside of the ring and with her “we’re just girls, Hunter” promo during the infamous WWE walkout.

Had she been born during another time in the wrestling industry, she would have been right up there with the Trish Stratuses and Litas of the old divas division, but that time has passed. Hopefully with rumors that WWE wants to focus on re-energizing the division in the years to come, Paige will be the figurehead of that revival.


Norwich wrestling family to star in Channel 4 TV show

This article also came with a video advert for the programme, which you can check out at the link below. Make sure to be tuned in tonight at 10PM on Channel 4!

A Norwich family of wrestling stars is the subject of a new documentary being screened this week.

The Knight family – who between them have won every single independent wrestling belt in Europe and run the World Association of Wrestling – have been followed by a TV crew for more than a year, and on Channel 4 on Wednesday viewers can watch an insight into their lives in the show The Wrestlers: Fighting with my Family. The show features dad Ricky Knight, mum Julia (Sweet Saraya), sons Roy (The Zebra Kid) and Zak (Zak Zodiak), and daughter Saraya-Jade (who wrestled as Britani Knight and now goes by the name Paige after being signed by Florida Championship Wrestling and moving to America).

It was the idea of director Max Fisher, who grew up in Reepham, and who has been a fan of the Knight family for many years.

Julia, who lives in Colman Road, Norwich, said she was interested to see what viewers reactions are after the show is screened on Wednesday.

“The show is just introducing the family,” she said. “It has turned into Saraya-Jade’s story about how she went to trial for World Wrestling Entertainment, and looks and at our life before she went to America and afterwards. It is quite emotional at times. It is a no holes barred documentary. We are just an everyday family that all follow the same dream.”

Emma Wakefield, director of Lambent Productions which created the show, said the show was currently a one-off but may lead to a series.

• The Wrestlers: Fighting with my Family is on Channel 4 on Wednesday at 10pm.

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TV Choice Magazine Interview with Julia Knight

TV Choice Magazine Interview with Julia Knight

Next Wednesday at 10PM, Channel 4 will finally be airing their brand new TV Series on the Knight family. Paige’s mother spoke with TV Choice Magazine and mentioned her daughter. You can check out the full interview at the link below in this article.

In the programme, we watch your children Zak and Saraya try out for WWE. While it’s Zak who seems to want it more, it’s Saraya who gets in…
It broke his heart, but he was so proud of Saraya. Zak has always wanted to be a wrestler. He used to throw himself out of his cot at seven months and at nine months old, he was dropping elbows onto his dad. I felt Zak’s devastation that he didn’t make it. But they’ve told him there’s a place for him, so when he tries again in November (2012) he’s got as much chance as his sister. He was crushed, but he’s back on the circuit now and his heart is back in it, and he can’t wait. He and Saraya are so close. They talk on Skype every day. I thought Saraya going to Florida would break up the family unit, but it’s made us stronger and prouder. We feel like we’re walking on air. Zak and his brother Roy are only a short step away.

We see you waving Saraya (pictured left) off at the airport and it’s very emotional…
I haven’t seen it yet! I’ll probably end up crying all the way through it when I watch it. I remember howling like a banshee. Even talking about it now, my throat is constricting a bit. As a mum, I want to put her in a little box and wrap her up and protect her. But that wouldn’t allow her to be herself. This is her life now and I’ve done the hard bit. I’ve got her here safely and now it’s down to her to make her own mistakes. But I don’t think this is going to be a mistake. I think this is going to be the making of her.

And how is she getting on over there, because she was very homesick when she first arrived wasn’t she?
Oh she was unbelievably homesick. We were getting around 16 or 17 phone calls a day. And I remember saying to her that I’d send money over and she could buy a ticket home. But she had friends going over to see her and then I was going over, and then it was Wrestlemania. So as much as she was homesick and wanted to come home, she was defiant and stubborn enough to say, ‘No, I only get one shot and I’m not going to come home and sit there regretting it because of homesickness.’ Within a month, she was sending us emails about how happy she was. She sent a beautiful email the other day and the whole family sat and cried. She said that she can’t believe at 19, she’s living her dream, which we made possible for her.

You can see how proud you are of her when you’re watching her first fight on TV…
That was so strange. She’s our little girl, our little princess. But now we’re seeing her transform from a teenager into a young woman. It’s amazing. Your stomach goes, your heart pounds and your head goes dizzy. Pride is such an amazing thing. She doesn’t belong to her dad and I anymore, she now belongs to the world. They’d better treat her right. She’s an amazing, amazing girl, and a b****y good wrestler, too. But they’re all great kids.

The WWE gave her a new name, didn’t they?
Yes. Her birth name is Saraya-Jade, and then we named her Britani Knight, which is an anagram of the word Britain, which we thought would be a good fighting name for her. But they wanted to put their stamp on her, so they named her Paige.

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