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Team Hellions – Top 4 of FCW 05/27/12

2. Paige vs. Raquel Diaz

Raquel is having a hard time when she’s on her back and spinning her legs. I think she’s trying to do a twist and get up but she hasn’t done it quite yet. That’s my only complaint about this match. Raquel and Paige meet in the ring with an equal amount of attitude and a growing dislike for one another while Sofia bounces around outside the ring and does her best to distract Raquel. Unfortunately the distraction works in the favor of the wrong diva and Raquel retains the title, but I sure hope this means more from these women against one another. There’s an immense amount of talent here.

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Team Hellions – Top 4 of FCW 05/20/12

3. Raquel Diaz, Sofia, Paige

Raquel Diaz is now full on Valley Girl. I thought I would hate this, to be honest, but she pulls it off with a certain spark that makes you want to laugh, which it is clearly meant to do. Paige and Sofia come out and accuse Raquel of having once wanting to have been an anti-diva, but Raquel’s response to this is, “Ew.” I keep forgetting about Paige’s beautiful accent until I hear her voice. I also never realized how short Sofia was compared to the other two. She has so much energy and talent that she just seems larger than life somehow. The three put on quite the amusing little promo making a match for the next week. Can’t wait!

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Article: The Next Big Things In Female Wrestling

The Next Big Things In Female Wrestling (Pt.1) – Britani Knight/Paige

Hi guys, it’s the debut of my new column, called “the next big things in female wrestling”. I’m going to write about the most talented female performers on this planet, which can (in my opinion) become the future stars in WWE, or TNA. Let’s start with “The raven haired anti-diva”, Paige from Florida Championship Wrestling. Who’s this young lady?

Saraya-Jade Bevis (her real name) aka Britani Knight aka Paige is an English professional wrestler, currently performing in WWE’s developmental territory – FCW. She’s only 19-years old, and she’s from Norwich, England.

I first saw her in her debut match on SHIMMER Volume 37, in a tag team match with her mother Sweet Saraya, against Ariel and Nikki Roxx. And I was literally amazed. Paige is not only the good looking young lady, but she’s also very talented inside the ring. I couldn’t believe the fact that she’s so young, I was really shocked in every possible way. So, I became more interested in her, and searched some youtube stuff from her Pro Wrestling Eve or any other matches from Europe’s independent scene. And the love was in the air.

Her in-ring skills are very mature, I think it’s because of her roots. She’s from the famous England wrestling family – The Knight Dynasty. Her mother Sweet Saraya recently captured the SHIMMER Championship from Cheerleader Melissa. Now, that’s something that I call the pure wrestling quality! And what else can I say? Paige is charismatic, with awesome mic and in-ring skills. Her current heel persona is so interesting. You have to see it, so if you don’t know her yet, check her performances on FCW!

WWE Divas Division is now lacking some “star Divas” (girls like Sable, Lita, Trish Stratus, Melina or Mickie James), so our “raven haired lady” can be that “next big thing” in women’s division, I hope. I would love to see her in some kind of a british stable with William Regal, Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett. Now that can be the definition of a domination. And the last thing guys – she’s bigger than Beatles!

Yours truly

The Krupy

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