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FCW Live Event Coverage 07/19/2012

Tampa, Florida:

Natalie and Summer Rae defeated Paige and Sofia Cortez

FCW Live Event Coverage 07/05/2012

Tampa, Florida:

Summer Rae won a swimsuit contest defeating Paige, Natalie, Raquel Diaz, Sofia Cortez and FCW Divas Champion Caylee Turner.

FCW Live Event Coverage 06/21/2012

Tampa, Florida:

Raquel Diaz defeated Paige with the Gory Bomb.

FCW Live Event Coverage 06/20/2012

Orlando, Florida:

Summer Rae was the winner of a bikini contest which Paige and the other Divas took part in, hosted by Byron Saxton. Later on in the evening, Paige teamed with Raquel Diaz to defeat Sofia Cortez & Caylee Turner.

FCW Live Event Coverage 06/16/2012

Crystal River, Florida:

Another Diva bikini contest took place, with Summer Rae rigging her to win. Paige also competed in a match against Audrey Marie but was unable to come out with the victory.

FCW Live Event Coverage 06/15/2012

Palatka, Florida:

Paige competed in another bikini contest with the other FCW Divas, and then had a match against Audrey.

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