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PAIGE-TURNER: WWE star Paige discusses her new chapter in wrestling following movie success

PAIGE-TURNER: WWE star Paige discusses her new chapter in wrestling following movie success

The Sun have posted an interview article with Paige discussing a number of topics, such as Fighting with my Family, the Kabuki Warriors, Vince McMahon and more. Check it out below.

BRITISH WWE superstar Paige has revealed how the movie about her own life – Fighting With My Family, produced by The Rock – helped her begin a new chapter in her life and career.

The film tells the story of Paige’s journey from her family’s Norwich-based wrestling company WAW to the big leagues of NXT and WWE, with Florence Pugh playing the role of Paige.

The flick was based on a Channel 4 documentary about Paige’s family – her wrestler and promoter parents, Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya, and wrestler brothers Zak and Roy Knight – which The Rock decided to turn into a feature film after seeing the doc in a hotel one night.

But Paige was hit with a series of widely-publicised personal problems after film production had begun.

The star was slapped with two drug test suspensions by WWE, was embroiled in a turbulent relationship with Alberto Del Rio, and was the victim of a notorious sex tape leak.

Paige was also put out of action for a year with a neck injury. After returning to action in late 2017, she suffered yet another injury that forced her to retire from active competition.

Speaking exclusively to Sun Sport, Paige said: “The movie was in the process of being made while I was going through those terrible two years.

“I could have lost it completely but I opened my eyes and got out of that bubble quick enough that the movie was still able to be made.

“It was a wonderful feeling to finally get to watch it and put what I’d done before completely in the past and bury it and pretty much start over again.”

Fighting With My Family – which arrives on DVD & Blu-ray on July 1 – was a huge hit with both critics and audiences.


While Paige says that WWE superstars continue to congratulate her on the movie, there’s one person whose reaction fans will be most interested to know about – WWE boss Vince McMahon.

Paige said: “I don’t know what Vince’s reaction to it was. But if you get a big hug from Vince McMahon you’re doing well. I saw him last week and he gave me a big hug and said, ‘I’m very happy for you.’

“I don’t know it that’s about the movie or the fact that I’m healthy. I think he probably liked it if he did watch it.”

The film does capture the importance of Paige as a pioneer in the WWE women’s division – arguably the single most important performer in driving forward the much-celebrated “women’s evolution”.

NXT matches against Aussie star Emma set a new standard for WWE women’s wrestling and she won the Divas Championship on her Raw debut against AJ Lee, a match that is recreated for the dramatic finale of Fighting With My Family.

Her career is about to be celebrated with another DVD – Paige: Iconic Matches, a collection of her best in-ring moments, also out July 1 – which also includes the famous AJ Lee match.


Since retiring from in-ring action, Paige has played the role of general manager on SmackDown and is currently managing The Kabuki Warriors tag team – Asuka and Kairi Sane.

After a strong introduction post-WrestleMania, the team have barely featured on television. This comes amid widespread criticism about the creative process of Vince McMahon and WWE.

But Paige says she can rely on McMahon and NXT boss Triple H to resolve any creative frustrations.

And she’s convinced The Kabuki Warriors can be a game changer for the women’s tag division in WWE.

Paige said: “If we don’t get used I get really frustrated because we’re a good tag team and we need to be utilised.

“Sometimes the writers have so much on their plate with everyone else’s storylines, they put things on the backburner. I have to remind them, ‘Ok, but there is a women’s tag team title… I’m like, ‘What the hell dudes? Let’s make something happen.’

“It frustrates me but once you actually get to speak with Vince and Hunter about your problems and frustrations, they’re always the first to say, ‘Let’s change this.’

“If you go up to writers it’s like talking to a brick wall sometimes, whereas if you go to Vince and Hunter they’re like, ‘If you have a problem we can change that for you.’

The Kabuki Warriors finally reappeared in a backstage segment two weeks ago. They set up a match against women’s tag champs The IIconics for a special event in Tokyo which took place yesterday. The Kabukis won the match to earn a future title shot.

Speaking before the event, Paige said: “The Kabuki Warriors can be a force to be reckoned with and that was the plan from the beginning… After the match in Tokyo hopefully we’ll get to build towards a pay-per-view, which gives the girls something to look forward to.

“So I’m happy we have a boss that really listens to us.”

Two other superstars that Paige takes pride in watching are Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

The duo made their main roster debuts under the leadership of Paige as the three-woman squad of Absolution.

Rose and Deville have continued to perform as a duo since and WWE seemed to be teasing a lesbian storyline between the pair last week on SmackDown. This follows Sonya Deville being front and centre of WWE’s Pride Month celebrations.

Paige said: “I’m so proud of them. I truly adore those girls. I had so much fun with them. Each week they work more and they’re so hungry. What more could you hope for in a wrestler?

“I don’t know creatively where they’re going. I just think they deserve it.”

Though Paige was a pioneer for women’s wrestling in the ring, she doesn’t see herself taking a creative role behind the scenes for the women’s division.

She said: “I have to give the writers some credit where it’s due. They have to deal with a lot, they truly do. I would not want to be in their shoes – I don’t want to be in creative.

“It’s a lot of pressure because you’ve got to make everyone happy all the time. I don’t think I have the patience to deal with everyone screaming at me all the time.”

But Paige sees herself staying with WWE in some capacity and is looking to pursue acting.

It could be a winner for the former Divas Champion. While playing the SmackDown GM, she developed her mic skills and became one of the most charismatic talkers on the show.

Paige said: “One way or another I’ll always be a part of WWE, whether it’s in front of the camera or behind the camera. I’d love to do a GM role again. I felt like I really found myself in that role. It really pushed me.

“Also, I love acting, I truly really love it. Obviously wrestling always will be my first passion but unfortunately I can’t do that anymore.”

After the popularity of Fighting With My Family, WWE could be looking to make more films about their top superstars’ lives.

Paige has an idea of which real-life stories from the women’s division would make great cinema – Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

Paige said: “Charlotte truly has an interesting story that no one knows about. She’s been through a lot in her personal life. She was a shy girl. She’s definitely a candidate.

“And Becky – she’s done a lot career wise. She’s gone from the underdog to being one of the biggest things in WWE right now.”

Fighting With My Family is out on digital download, DVD & Blu-ray July 1.

Paige: Iconic Matches is also out on DVD July 1.

Paige Dishes on Joining Total Divas: “I’m Not Used to Being Me”

Paige Dishes on Joining Total Divas: “I’m Not Used to Being Me”

With the season premiere of Total Divas right around the corner, you may have heard the rumors about several new additions to the show. And they’re all true!

WWE Diva Paige is no stranger to Total Divas (you might recall seeing her pop up in last season when Rosa Mendes was hitting on her backstage), and now she’ll be joining the other Divas which means you’ll get to see lots more of her!

“I’ve always wanted to do it,” she said of joining the show. “People behind the scenes always said they wanted to get me on the show because they need a different kind of Diva. The cards got moved around a little bit and they asked me if I’d take part and I said, ‘Hell yes!’ It helped because I already knew the girls, but they were all so great and they helped me through it. It was different going from WWE TV to a reality show. You have to be you and I’m not used to being me. I’m used to being Paige on TV. I opened up a lot and became myself. It was great.”

Originally from England, Paige grew up with wrestling in her blood. Her family runs the World Association of Wrestling, where she made her debut in 2005. Since then she’s gone on to be the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion as well as a two-time WWE Divas Champion, and she’s close with Rosa and Alicia Fox (the other newest addition to Total Divas).

“Rosa and I are close,” Paige says. “But you’ll see, it’s me, Rosa and Foxy all together. I love to play jokes on people so you’ll see a lot of that. We’re the three amigos and we just kind of do things spur of the moment. Crazy stuff, like I’ll take them places and we did some pretty crazy stuff which I think people will enjoy. And being single ladies too, that’s always a plus to watch. I kind of got the other girls out, like whenever I want to do stuff I force the other girls to come and have fun with me and experience how I live my life. They’re doing more crazy stuff because I feel like I’m influencing them somehow. Live like a 22-year-old lives!”

As for any big moments in the upcoming season and how her family reacted upon finding out that she would be doing reality television?

“I don’t know what I can reveal at this point but there’s lots of big moments,” Paige explains. “Like when you’re watching my side, we’ll be having a ton of big moments and some things you’re not gonna expect whatsoever. To be honest, my family is so supportive of everything I do and the more opportunities I get, the more happy they are for me. You’ll get to see a little bit of my dad on the show and I will tell you, he gets mad at me over the decisions I make, but overall they’re happy for me.”

All-new episodes of Total Divas return Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 10pm ET, before returning to its regular time slot at 9pm beginning January 11.


Interview with FHM Malaysia

Interview with FHM Malaysia

001As we are all excited for WWE’s return to Malaysia after 12 years, could you share with us what fans can expect this October at the live show?
You’re definitely be entertained and at some point be happy, then angry, then sad, then happy again. Just get ready for a great night out with the family.

To be a WWE Superstar/Diva, it requires a lot of training and discipline, what is your advice to all the youngsters in Malaysia who aspire to be just like you?
It definitely takes a lot of discipline and training but I would also include a lot of patience. I’ll give you a piece of advice that The Rock gave me; ”stay hungry and humble”. That advice has had a huge influence on my attitude throughout my career.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Malaysia?
I honestly don’t know all that much about Malaysia besides it’s a really long plane ride for us!

002Will this be your first visit to Malaysia, are you excited about it? What are you looking forward to most when you visit Malaysia?
This will be my first time to Malaysia and I am very excited for the tour. One thing I really look forward to is seeing how the crowd is and how they are different from the US and other countries.

Since this is your first WWE event in Malaysia, how are you preparing for it?
I’m preparing for Malaysia the same way as I do for any show. It’s just another day at the office; I’m packing my suitcase and I’ll give 100% to make sure everyone is entertained.

Do you have any special message for your Malaysian fans?
Thank you for all of the support and I can’t wait to see everyone for my first tour in Malaysia.

What is your signature move and what was the inspiration behind that?
Paige-Turner; Ram-Paige; PTO (Paige Tapout) and the inspiration is that Paige is incorporated into all of them.

003Among all the matches that you’ve wrestled in, which is by far your most memorable one?
Probably my first match ever in WWE; it was the Raw after WrestleMania 30 when I pinned AJ for the Divas Championship.

What is your routine before a match?
Not really, I just put on headphones to get in my zone.

Who were your favourite wrestlers growing up, how did they influence you to be a WWE Superstar?
Stone Cold Steve Austin – probably my all-time favorite
Bull Nakano
Lita – She was my style icon

What is your favourite type of match and why?
I would say a Submission Match because us British wrestlers incorporate a lot of submission holds so I would love to be in a Submission Match with some like AJ who also has a good submission hold (Black Widow).

Source: FHM Malaysia

Norfolk wrestler wins women’s world title

Another media update as the Knight Dynasty were shown on ITV News Anglia tonight to discuss Paige becoming the new Divas Champion. You can watch the video above and check out screen captures using the link at the end of this post.

The daughter who left home to make her name in the wrestling ring conquers the world

In a world of drama and entertainment which has millions of devoted fans around the world, a female wrestler from Norwich has won the biggest title in the professional game.

ITV News Anglia first filmed with the Knights, a well known-wrestling family, back in 2003 when Saraya Jade-Bevis was just 12.

Now known as Paige and performing for WWE, she trained in her Dad’s gym near Mile Cross in the city.

On Monday night she became the women’s world champion.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia’s Luke Farrington

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Norwich’s Paige on her WWE Divas wrestling victory

Rob Butler of BBC Radio Norfolk over here in the UK, spoke with our newly crowned WWE Divas Champion Paige this morning on his show. You can check out the interview below!

Divas Champion Paige: ‘I lost my mind when I beat AJ Lee’

Divas Champion Paige: ‘I lost my mind when I beat AJ Lee’

Paige has been interviewed by The Independent, discussing her career thus far. Including her insane Raw Debut where she won the Divas Championship.

Norwich has seen its fair share of sporting heroes over the years. From Jeremy Goss’s wonder strike against Bayern Munich, to Anthony Ogogo’s heroic bronze medal at London 2012, sport has been as synonymous with the city as Alan Partridge.

654363For years, the nearest Norwich had to a fighting female was Delia Smith’s memorable halftime outburst at Carrow Road in 2005, but now there is a new icon in town.

The same year that the celebrity cook yelled out “where are you!” to tens of thousands of people, a 13-year-old girl made her debut as a professional wrestler in front of hundreds. Saraya-Jade Bevis, known as Paige in the WWE, was born in 1992, and yet is remarkably entering her ninth year as a professional grappler.

On Monday night, she became the first WWE Superstar – male or female – born in the nineties to win a Championship, becoming the youngest WWE Divas Champion of all time when she defeated long-term title holder AJ Lee on Raw. As if that wasn’t startling enough, it was also her first ever appearance on WWE’s flagship weekly show.

Speaking to The Independent on the phone from America, not even 24 hours after her triumph, the Diva was unsurprisingly on cloud nine, especially when asked about her feelings on becoming champion.

“Oh my gosh, you have no idea. I lost my mind. Firstly just being in the ring with AJ who I’ve always looked up to, she’s an incredible talent and a woman to be around, and then being on Raw is just insane. Continue reading