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SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya mentions Paige

In her match against Charlotte at Hell In A Cell, Natalya retained her title via disqualification and seems to be in for a lengthy rivalry with The Queen. But that hasn’t stopped her from looking ahead to future rivalries, namely with Paige, who is rumored to be placed on the SmackDown brand upon her return. SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya mentions Paige in the interview below with Planeta Wrestling.

“I can’t wait for Paige to come back,” Natalya said. “I love wrestling Paige, she’s one of my favorite opponents. But if she thinks that she’s gonna take my SmackDown Women’s Championship, she’s got another thing coming. I’m gonna be the SmackDown Women’s Champion forever. I would love to dance again with Paige in the ring, but she’s definitely not taking my championship.”

Mickie James mentions Paige in interview with The Miami Herald

Former WWE Diva Mickie James recently spoke with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald to promote her appearance at Queens of Combat in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on November 30th, where she will wrestle her first match since giving birth on September 25th. Mickie spoke about her time visiting the WWE Performance Center and which of the current crop of Divas impressed her most.

Paige was one who stood out to me at that point. Paige wasn’t on TV then. Sasha Banks stood out. She had tons of personality. I thought she was really good in a sense I liked her sass and personality. That’s what really gets me is your facials and personality. The two that stood out to me the most were Paige and Sasha.

J.R. mentions Paige in his Blog

Former WWE announcer, Jim Ross has added a new blog to his website, to which he mentions the new WWE Divas Champion Paige. He gives his thoughts on the newly crowed Champion, and what he thinks on Paige vs. AJ Lee.

“Paige has a significant upside and I can see her potentially having a Trish-Lita type rivalry with the talented AJ Lee who is still WWE’s most consistent, in ring diva. Both ladies have marketable, bell to bell skills and both can be aggressive in the ring which translates well to all audiences.”

Mickie James mentions Paige

Former WWE Diva Mickie James recently spoke with Aaron Oster of The Baltimore Sun, and once again had some nice things to say about our current NXT Women’s Champion Paige.

Aaron: You were down at the Performance Center, which means you got to see a lot of the WWE NXT wrestlers. I know a lot of fans of women’s wrestling are raving about some of the divas down there, what did you see from them?

Mickie: I thought there were a handful of them with legit, real potential. Obviously, I thought Paige was amazing. I had met Paige before, back in England actually. I really like her. That was the first time I had worked with Emma, and I thought she was really good. Sasha Banks, I really like her a lot. She had a good personality and was really sharp, and had a great look and a great character. Yeah, there are definitely girls with potential there. You never know who’s going to be the next superstar. Some of them are just kind of getting their feet wet, and have a ways to go, but they could be the next superstars.

Mickie James mentions Paige

This week, Mickie James has been down in Orlando teaching the ladies of NXT along with trainer Sara Del Rey. With that being said, caught up wihth the former Divas Champion and she just so happens to mention her thoughts on Paige and the other NXT Divas.

WWE.COM: Were there any Divas at the WWE Performance Center that stood out to you?

MICKIE: Oh yeah, absolutely. Obviously, I see so much with Paige; she’s awesome, I think she’s really great. And there are a few of the younger girls. Lexi has tons of personality and tons of potential. Mercedes and Emma are really good. Shaul Guerrero, too; I don’t know if it’s just because it’s in her blood, but she’s a natural. Her footwork, her movements, and her personality are through the roof. Each of them has their strengths and you can see their personalities coming out more and more. That’s what I’ve really been trying to focus on with them too.

J.R. mentions Paige in Q&A

J.R. has done another of his Q&A’s, and this time he was given a question regarding the Anti Diva herself. When a reader commented about the Paige sign and chant from Raw, he asked how they would fair on the main roster. J.R. responded by saying Paige, along with Summer Rae still need more time. What are your thoughts on J.R.’s postings? Let us know on twitter @paigefancom!

Justin UK Asks: Hi Jim, long time reader and fan. On RAW we saw our first We Want Paige sign and a small chant. On NXT Paige and Summer Rae are absolutely entertaining me on a weekly basis. I understand there may be an issue with Paige’s age, but how soon would you expect to see these two girls on the main roster, and how do you think they’ll do?

J.R.’s Answer: When the two ladies you spoke of are ready they will be called up. I think both need more time in NXT. Life on the road is hard and takes preparation. Let’s allow them to improve and better prepare for the grueling road schedule that awaits them. There is no hurry.

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