FCW Live Event Coverage 05/18/2012

Orlando, Florida:

Sofia Cortez beat Paige and Audrey Marie in a triple threat Divas match. The match was surprisingly well-wrestled. I’m looking forward to seeing them on TV soon.

05/17/2012 (Winter Park, Florida) NXT Taping Candids

I have added 1 candid from last nights NXT tapings to the Photo Archive. I’m trying to get more, so please bare with us. In the meantime, check out that shot.

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WWE NXT Spoilers – July 5, 2012

Click below to be spoiled!
[spoiler]Sofia Cortez defeated Paige via a Bulldog after Paige had her in a wheelbarrow position.[/spoiler]

Shimmer Volumes 43/44 Screen Captures

Thanks to the glorious release of the Shimmer DVD’s for Volumes 43 and 44, we now have screen captures from both shows! I have added the captures to the Photo Archive, as well as results from the events below. Remember, before their was Paige, their was Britani F’n Knight!

Volume 43

Jessie McKay def. Britani Knight via Boyfriend Stealer. Post-match, Saraya comes out and disowns Britani. Britani tries to apologize, but Saraya slaps her. Britani attacks Saraya, which starts a fight that takes about 10 men to break up. Britani says that Rebecca left because of Saraya and now she’s leaving too and challenges her mother to a match. More fighting ensues. Awesome segment.

Volume 44

Britani Knight def. Saraya Knight in a No DQ match with the Knight Light.

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FCW Coverage – May 13, 2012

Rick Victor w/Paige & Sofia Cortez vs. Richie Steamboat

They lock up and Steamboat with a waist lock and Victor with a standing switch and take down. Steamboat with a hammer lock but Victor with a reversal. Steamboat with an elbow and he sends Victor into the corner. Victor with a forearm but Steamboat with a side head lock. Steamboat with a shouder tackle. Steamboat tries for an arm drag but Victor senses that it is coming and he moves out of the way. Victor misses an elbow drop. Steamboat with an arm drag into an arm bar. Steamboat with a near fall. Steamboat with a key lock on Victor but Victor with a knee. Victor with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Steamboat with a shoulder tackle and arm drags. Steamboat with a drop kick that sends Victor into the corner. Steamboat with a chop and forearms. Steamboat sends Victor into the turnbuckles.

Victor with an elbow and then he sends Steamboat awkwardly into the turnbuckles. Victor with boots to the head. Victor with chops and Canadian Lifters. Steamboat with a series of chops. Victor with a suplex and a near fall. Victor with a knee to the back and elbow to the upper back. Victor continues to work on the neck with a rear chin lock. Victor with a forearm and Irish whip and then he applies a bear hug as Richie comes out of the corner. Steamboat with forearms but Victor with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Victor with a rear chin lock and boot to the head. Steamboat with forearms and chops. Victor stops Richie with a boot but Richie with a power slam and running forearms. Steamboat with a back elbow into the corner followed by a flying clothesline for a near fall. Steamboat goes to the apron and up top but Paige makes her way to the corner and grabs Steamboat’s leg and that allows Victor to hit a running Canadian Lifter. Victor with a Tiger Bomb but Victor takes too long to make the cover so Richie is able to kick out.

Victor shows some frustration and he goes to the floor. He takes a chair and while the referee deals with Victor, Paige comes into the ring and holds Steamboat while Sofia goes up top and hits a head scissors take down. Victor puts the chair down and makes the cover but Richie kicks out at two. Steamboat blocks a Tiger Bomb attempt and hits a super kick. Steamboat gets the three count, even though Paige and Sofia appear to be close enough to pull Steamboat off Victor.

Winner: Richie Steamboat

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New Facebook Photo from Raquel Diaz

Just got done with an FCW Summer Slamarama Bikini shoot!!!

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