04/06/2012 (Punta, Gorda) Live Event Candids

Thank you to the amazing Lindsey of FCW Universe on Tumblr, we now have 15 gorgeous new candids of Paige from last Friday nights Live Event in Punta Gorda. Also, you might want to check out other FCW candids that have recently been added courtesy of said Lindsey! Thanks again.

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FCW Coverage – April 8, 2012

Paige & Rick Victor w/Sofia Cortez vs. Audrey Marie & Aiden English

Aiden English is a new comer for Florida Championship Wrestling, in this mixed tag team match. Sofia Cortez is in the corner of Paige and Victor, getting involved, until Audrey Marie goes after her on the floor. Raquel Diaz runs out and attacks Audrey Marie, with the two women brawling to the back. This allows Rick Victor to hit a running uppercut to pin Aiden English. Rick Victor and Paige pick up the win on Florida Championship Wrestling.

Winners: Paige & Rick Victor

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Wink News Story

Paige appears at the 47 second mark, as well as 1.47 mark.

FCW Live Event Coverage 04/06/2012

Punta Gorda, Florida:

6th Match Elimination: Sofia Cortez beat Summer Rae and Paige

FCW Spoilers – May 6, 2012

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[spoiler]Paige defeated FCW Divas Champion Raquel Diaz and Audrey Marie in a Non Title Match when Paige pinned Raquel while Diaz was getting ready for the third of the Three Amigas on Audrey.[/spoiler]

FCW Spoilers – April 29, 2012

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[spoiler]Rick Victor (with Paige and Sofia Cortez) defeated Benicio Salazar with a Flying Canadian Uppercut.[/spoiler]

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