Even more 03/15/2012 TV Taping Photos

With great thanks to Calvin Dorman, we now have even more candids from Thursday nights TV Tapings from Tampa, Florida. They are in great quality, so remember to check them out in the Photo Archive.

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More 03/15/2012 TV Taping Photos

Thank you greatly to FCW Universe on Tumblr, we now have an extra 2 shots of Paige from Thursday nights FCW TV Tapings.

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03/15/2012 TV Taping Photos

Thanks to the amazing FYeahWomensWrestling on Tumblr, we are now in possession of 7 new candids from last nights TV Tapings from Tampa, Florida.

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FCW Spoilers – April 8, 2012

Click below to read the spoilers.

[spoiler]Paige and Rick Victor (with Sofia Cortez) defeated Audrey Marie and Aiden English when Victor pinned English after two European uppercuts. During the match, Raquel Diaz came out and attacked Audrey and they fought out of the building.[/spoiler]

FCW Diva of the Month

The official website of FCW: FCWWrestling.info, have made Paige their “Diva of the Month”. Along with the honor, they have graciously given us 5 High Quality shots from her first Photoshoot (some are unseen outtakes) and a video of Paige discussing her status and why she is at FCW. I have added Screen Captures, YouTube link and a Video Download is on the way. Also, be sure to have a read of what FCW’s website had to say about the Anti Diva; below.

The mysterious Paige has rapidly made her presence known here in FCW in her first month of active competition. Aside from numerous standout performances on live events, Paige has made an impact by forming a loose allegiance with Sofia Cortez in an “Anti-Diva” army of sorts. When FCWwrestling.com caught up with Paige, she seemed “less than thrilled” being chosen for “Diva of the Month” honors.

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Welcome to PaigeFan.com

First and foremost, I would like to finally welcome you all to PaigeFan.com! Your newest source for FCW Diva, Paige (formerly known as Britani Knight). We are here to offer the very best updates possible, to keep everyone informed on the happenings of the Anti Diva. So make sure you bookmark the site, follow our Twitter, and visit us again soon!

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