SmackDown Coverage – September 18, 2018

SmackDown Coverage – September 18, 2018

We are back and Paige is in the ring with the celebration table and carpet in the ring. Paige introduces the new Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. We see photos of the match as Becky makes her way to the ring.

Paige presents Becky the title belt that she walked out of the ring with on Sunday night. Becky says this is nice and it took two long years but she is back where she belongs. Becky says this is her show and this is her title. There will be no more being left off the magazines, pay per view posters, or the morning talk shows. Becky says she doesn’t need balloons or the division she built around the ring. All she needs is Charlotte Flair. Becky asks if Charlotte isn’t out here because she doesn’t want to steal her spotlight for a change.

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring. Paige tells Charlotte and Becky that they are not going to do anything tonight. Charlotte says she is not here to fight. Charlotte says she is not here to steal Becky’s spotlight. She says she is here to show the respect that Becky could not give to her at SummerSlam. Charlotte says she wants to look Becky woman to woman to tell Becky she was the better woman on Sunday. You paid a steep price to win that title. You threw away more than a friendship. She says she cannot wait to stand across the ring from you in front of 60,000 people when she gets her rematch in Australia. You took two years to get that title back but you could lose it in one night.

Becky tells Charlotte she stopped listening. Becky says that you said she could not win, but this title says otherwise. This title says that you did not walk out of Hell in a Cell as champion. Becky says she knew that Charlotte was trying to steal the spotlight on the biggest night of her career. Becky says that Charlotte can touch her and raise her hand tonight. Charlotte says she is not going to do that. Becky says that Charlotte can put the title around her waist. Charlotte says she wanted to show Becky respect but she was hoping for a little bit of what Becky was inside her. Charlotte congratulates Becky sarcastically. Becky says that she just wants Charlotte to call her queen. Becky calls Charlotte a bitch and Charlotte attacks Becky.

They go to the floor and Charlotte is sent into the ring steps and then over the announce table. Becky sends Charlotte into the ringside barrier and then they go back into the ring. Charlotte applies DisArmHer. Becky with an exploder.

SmackDown Coverage – July 10, 2018

SmackDown Coverage – July 10, 2018

After the AJ Styles vs. Shinsuka Nakamura match ends with a DQ, courtesy of Rusev. Paige comes out and she says since AJ is defending his title on Sunday against Rusev and since Jeff is defending his title against Nakamura, why not have a tag match? Right now.

Later in the evening, James Ellsworth and Carmella are backstage where the Women’s Champion is saying James got the job done tonight. Paige stops James and Carmella. James says his stock with women is higher than WWE stock. He says he will make an exception for Paige and let her kiss him. Paige says that James will be above the ring on Sunday to keep her from helping Carmella in her match. James will be in a shark cage.

Fighting with My Family release date

Film4 Productions has announced the upcoming movie “Fighting with My Family”, which covers the life of Paige, will be in cinemas in the UK on March 1st, 2019:

SmackDown Coverage – July 3, 2018

SmackDown Coverage – July 3, 2018

Renee Young is in the ring and she brings out Daniel Bryan and Kane. They make their way to the ring. Renee asks about their reunion last week and their complicated relationship. Daniel says that is the beautiful thing about their relationship. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they hug, but in the ring they always deliver and they are unstoppable. Kane says they fought blindfolded and with their arm tied behind their match. They faced off against The Shield. They have graduated with honors from Anger Management. Team Hell No is back and better than ever.

Renee asks Kane why did he come back. Kane says Daniel can have a bit of a temper. He knew that Daniel couldn’t let go what happened a few weeks ago with the Bludgeon Brothers and he knew it would blow up. He says that Daniel always has a demon watching over him. Daniel says not always but he says they will become the new Tag Team Champions. Daniel says it is not true that Kane has always watched over him. The last time they wrestled, they were opponents. Kane says they were always friends. Daniel points out that Kane tried to end his career. Kane says that everyone likes to win. Daniel reminds Kane that he tombstoned him many times and it wasn’t even a match. Kane says they don’t have to dig up the past. This is a new start. They have to focus on what unites them. Daniel reminds Kane that he tried to abduct his wife. Kane says tried and that they have had their differences. He says he always had his back. Daniel says no and Kane says yes.

They continue until the music for the Usos plays. Jimmy says he saw him last week. Jey says hello to Kane and the leader of Sweet Beatz. Jimmy asks Jey if he remembers when Team Hell No were the hottest team and how they argued all the time. Jimmy asks if they deserve a shot at the tag titles and Jimmy and Jey say HELL NO. The fact of the matter is that a lot has changed since they were a team. They have Smackdown on lock and they welcome Kane and Daniel to the Uso Penitentiary. Jey says they got a tag title match for hugging. Jimmy and Jey hug a total of four times and that means four tag title matches. Daniel says if you think you can beat them, come into the ring and fight them right now. Kane says they will consider this as a team and get back to The Usos. Daniel asks Kane if he is ready. Daniel says Kane still thinks he is the weak link.

Paige’s music plays and she says as General Manager, it is her obligation to do what is right for the WWE Universe. The tag title match will still take place. Daniel and Kane will have to face the Usos tonight in the main event. If the Usos win, they will be added to the tag title match at Extreme Rules.

SmackDown Coverage – June 5, 2018

SmackDown Coverage – June 5, 2018

WWE Smackdown women’s champion Carmella kicks off the show tonight. She asks the crowd to shower her with the praise which she deserves. She says tonight is not about her but about her opponent at Money in the Bank, Asuka. She just thinks that everyone deserves to know the truth about Asuka. But before that, they show a video of Asuka’s NXT and WWE career. Carmella says that was incredible but let’s remove the mask and face the horrible truth. She says this is the real Asuka and a video of Charlotte defeating Asuka at this year’s Wrestlemania airs as well as Asuka losing to Peyton Royce and her match against Mandy Rose on Smackdown. She says the truth is that her loss at Wrestlemania shattered her and she hasn’t been the same since. And that’s why she has no fear because Mella is money. And that the age of Asuka is over. Asuka was undefeated. Asuka’s music hits and she interrupts.

Asuka gets in the ring and Mandy Rose’s music hits and she comes down with Sonya Deville. Mandy tells Carmella she didn’t have to go through all that trouble to show the real Asuka. She says ASuka is dangerous but she was a second away from beating Asuka last week. And she knows she can beat Asuka tonight. Sonya says she did exactly what she was supposed to do. She left just enough of Asuka for her. Sonya challenges Asuka to a match tonight. Carmella then asks Asuka who it will be for tonight?

Paige’s music hits and the general manager of Smackdown Live comes out. Paige says no one speaks for ehr because she makes the matches. Paige then asks Asuka if she wants Mandy Rose or Sonya Deville tonight. Asuka then grabs the microphone from Carmella and says “Give me both”. Paige says that’s the Asuka we all know and love. She then makes the match for tonight, Asuka against Mandy and Sonya in a handicap match tonight.

Later, Paige is backstage for the contract signing between Nakamura and AJ Styles. Paige builds up their match at the Money in the Bank stating it’s a Last Man Standing match. AJ tells Nakamura they have been at this war forever. And he knows why he does what he does. Because he knows that straight up, Nakamura cannot beat him. Nakamura yawns. AJ signs the contract. Nakamura grabs the pen and looks at it. He says it’s out of ink and throws the inc. He asks AJ if he can borrow his pen. He looks at it and says that the pen is broken and throws it. AJ tells him to sign it. Nakamura pretends like he is going to stand up and AJ slaps him in the face. He gets escorted out by WWE agents. Nakamura grabs a pen and signs it. Nakamura looks at Paige and says “Last Man Stand”.

WWE Raw Coverage – March 19, 2018

WWE Raw Coverage – March 19, 2018

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville w/ Paige

We go to the ring and out first comes Bayley. Sasha Banks is out next with a mic. Sasha was taught to confront someone face to face when there’s a problem, not talk behind their back. Sasha says they are best friends and she wants to fix whatever problem there is. She says Bayley has to understand that Elimination Chamber was every woman for herself. Sasha was trying to win the title, not betray her, just like she’s going to try to win the Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34. Sasha goes on and fans give her the “what!?” treatment now. Sasha says she forgives Bayley and some fans boo. Bayley tries to explain her side too but fans give her the “what!?” treatment as well. Bayley says she can’t get over what Sasha did at Elimination Chamber. It’s how she did it. Bayley knows about doing what it takes to win matches but the look on Sasha’s face and the way she did it eats at Bayley’s core. Sasha was all smiles and Bayley can’t get that picture out of her head. Bayley wants to know how Sasha could do that like it was nothing but the music interrupts and out comes Absolution – Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

Paige mocks them and says it’s time for the match. Paige says her girls are going to show these whiny little girls how real women settle problems. Mandy and Sonya hit the ring as we get the bell. Sasha takes Sonya back into the corner to take control early on. Sonya turns it around and sends Sasha out to the floor, down with Bayley. Rose and Sonya stand tall in the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rose has Bayley on the mat. Bayley turns it around and covers for a 2 count. Banks tags in as Bayley drops an elbow. There’s tension between Banks and Bayley over the tag and the pin attempt. Rose slams Banks on her head and keeps control. Deville comes back in for more offense and a pin attempt on Banks. Deville keeps Banks grounded with a body scissors and talks some trash. Deville works Banks over some more and tags in Rose. Deville sends Sasha into a big knee from Rose and Rose covers for a close 2 count. Rose with more offense on Banks and a version of the abdominal stretch. Absolution with more tags as they keep Sasha in their corner. Sasha finally fights them both off and crawls for a tag but she’s stopped. Bayley finally tags in and unloads on Deville. Bayley sends Deville to the apron and drops her over the middle rope. Bayley with a high suplex and a back elbow in the corner to Deville. Bayley drops a big elbow and covers for a 2 count but Rose breaks it up. Sasha comes in and goes after Rose, taking her to the corner. Bayley backslides Deville for the pin but the referee is dealing with Sasha and Rose. Bayley holds the pin but doesn’t get the win. This leads to Bayley going over to Sasha and having words. Deville runs in and shoves Bayley into Banks, sending them both to the mat. Deville nails a big kick to Bayley for the pin.

Winners: Absolution

After the match, Paige joins Rose and Deville in the ring as her music plays. We go to replays. Absolution stands tall as we see Bayley and Banks down.

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