10 Booking Steps For Paige Following Her WWE Raw Return

10 Booking Steps For Paige Following Her WWE Raw Return

Firmly entrenched on Raw from the off with her new ‘Allegiance’ group made up of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, how will WWE book their beloved returnee now she’s surprisingly stepped back into battle?

10. Raw Rage

Riding the wave of an explosive comeback pop, Paige was in fine form as she walked the Raw ramp milking the response from the Houston Crowd. The cheers didn’t particularly dissolve when she set her new accomplices on Mickie James, Sasha Banks and Bayley as their Number One Contender’s Fatal Four-way alongside Alicia Fox completely collapsed.

The three in the ring may technically be babyfaces, but the booking of the league on Monday Nights this year has been so pitiful that most have been reduced to shadows of their former selves, with any significant traction disappearing alongside title aspirations.

Less than a year earlier, and Bayley and Banks especially taking such a brutal beating would have been loathed by the live crowds, but the Toyota Center attendees were far too entranced by Paige’s arrival to care.

Over the upcoming weeks, the trio need to mercilessly continue their assaults until they are firmly established as a vile threat to the very fabric of Monday Night Raw. WWE established a temporary ‘Welcoming Committee’ stable on SmackDown Live! as a vehicle to establish new arrival Charlotte Flair as a blue brand babyface. They’re capable of resetting the character moulds with similar beatdowns. Continue reading

WWE Raw Coverage – November 20, 2017

WWE Raw Coverage – November 20, 2017

Kurt Angle makes a Fatal 4-Way to determine the #1 Contender for Alexa Bliss and her Raw Women’s Championship. The participants are Bayley, Mickie James, Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks The match starts after a short break. James and Fox are out on the floor. Bayley and Banks square off. James and Fox attack them from behind. Banks puts Fox in the Banks Statement. Bayley breaks it up. Banks sends Bayley out of the ring with a high knee. James neckbreakers Banks. James and Banks knock each other down.

Paige’s music hits. Paige walks out on the stage to a huge pop. Paige asks the crowd if they missed her. Paige says she didn’t mean to interrupt their business but she has something she needs to say “I’m back!” Paige says she didn’t come alone. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose attack Bayley from behind. Banks tries to help but she gets the crap beaten out of her. Paige kicks Bayley in the chest. Alicia Fox runs away. Rose butterfly busters Banks. Paige destroys Bayley with the Rampaige. The trio celebrate dominating the Women’s Division.

After the commercial, Paige, Mandy and Sonya are walking backstage. Paige is about to speak to Renee Young. Bliss interrupts. Paige introduces Bliss to Deville and Rose. Bliss says nice to meet you but Rose and Deville stare daggers at her. Paige kicks Bliss in the gut. Rose, Deville, and Paige beat down Bliss.

Saraya’s Male Assistant Does Her Makeup

Saraya’s Male Assistant Does Her Makeup

Make sure you check out the latest Glampire Diaries, where Paige get’s her assistant Joey to do her makeup. Go take a look and check out screen captures using the links provided.

Notable Survivor Series absentees

Notable Survivor Series absentees

The Survivor Series is absolutely packed with talent and mouthwatering matches – but there are some big names who are currently not scheduled to appear on the show.

In this era of expecting the unexpected in WWE, it is almost guaranteed that there will be some twists and turns at the hotly-anticipated pay-per-view in Atlanta.

Of the superstars not currently booked at the annual elimination extravaganza, who may yet play a pivotal part in the event?

Notable Survivor Series absentees


Several social media postings from WWE superstars confirmed the appearance of Paige backstage at Monday Night Raw in Atlanta this week, prompting widespread speculation she was about to be added to the Raw team for the women’s elimination match.

Instead, it was Bayley who beat Mickie James and Dana Brooke in a triple threat match to book her spot in Alicia Fox’s squad.

However… the next night, Charlotte Flair won the SmackDown title by beating Natalya, meaning it will be The Queen who faces Alexa Bliss in the champion-against-champion match in Houston.

Natalya will not compete in the match, freeing up a spot for an as-yet-unknown competitor.

Paige has been training at the Performance Center for some time and her presence at television this week appears to be almost guaranteed.

But if recent WWE history has taught us anything, it is that now – more than ever – the unexpected should be expected. A monumental swerve could be pulled – there could be a roster switch, a one-off comeback from a retired veteran, an NXT call-up, anything.

Nothing will be known for sure until the competitor’s music hits on what promises to be an evening of shocks and surprises up and down the card.

Source: Sky Sports

Survivor Series 2015 Flashback

Survivor Series 2015 Flashback

Divas Championship Match
Paige vs. Charlotte

Charlotte grapples around Paige. Paige with knees to the midsection of Charlotte. Paige knocks Charlotte off the top rope. Paige bounces Charlotte face first off the announce table. Paige with abdominal stretch to Charlotte. Paige with a sleeper hold to Charlotte. Charlotte gets out. Paige with a superkick to Charlotte for a two count. Charlotte with a big boot to Paige. Charlotte locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock. Charlotte drags Paige to the ring apron. Charlotte sends Paige face first to the ring apron. Charlott with a boot to the back of Paige. Charlotte with two knees of the face of Paige. Charlotte continues to ground Paige.

Paige sends Charlotte shoulder first to the ring post. Paige knocks Charlotte off the ring apron. Paige with rights hand to Charlotte. Paige applies pressure to Charlotte back. Paige with a single leg chin lock. Charlotte gets Paige in the pinning position for a two count. Paige still has her submission hold locked in. Paige with a running knee to Charlotte. Charlotte with a neck breaker to Paige. Charlotte and Paige with back and forth right hands. Charlotte with a spear to Paige. Charlotte with the Natural Selection to Paige and Paige rolls to the outside. Paige bounces Charlotte head on the ring apron. Paige irish whips Charlotte to the barricade. Charlotte spears Paige off the barricade. Charlotte with the Figure Eight and Paige taps out.

Winner: Charlotte

Survivor Series 2014 Flashback

Survivor Series 2014 Flashback

Traditional Survivor Series Match
Paige & Cameron & Summer Rae & Layla vs. Natalya & Emma & Naomi & Alicia Fox

Paige and Nattie tie up and Nattie applies a headscissors, then Emma tries to pin Layla before Paige slams her head into the turnbuckles. Paige heads up top but Emma punches her and hits a superplex, then Cameron tags in and punches Emma in the back of the head. Cameron slaps her and heads to the apron but Emma knocks her down, then Naomi gets the tag and knocks Cameron down and gets a bridging pin for the first elimination. Naomi kicks Summer in the face and they trade some shots, then Alicia hits all three opponents with a crossbody that sends them outside. Alicia calls them chicken and Layla gets back in, then Alicia hits a backbreaker for the next elimination.

Summer dives towards the corner but Alicia catches her and slams her into the turnbuckles, then Nattie clotheslines her and chases Paige off the apron. Nattie kicks Summer and clotheslines her, then she whips her but Summer reverses it and Paige kicks her in the back. Nattie tries to put Paige in a Sharpshooter but Summer runs in and kicks her, then Emma hits some elbows off the tag and applies the Dil-Emma. Emma hits an Emma-mite Sandwich, then she applies Emma Lock and Summer taps out. Paige kicks Nattie and slams her on the mat, then Naomi gets the tag and slams Paige head first on the mat and gets the win.

Winners: Natalya & Alicia Fox & Naomi & Emma

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