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WWE Raw Coverage – April 7, 2014

The WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, along with Tamina Snuka come down to the ring. AJ says for 295 days, she has been our Divas Champion and the longest reigning of all time. She mentions her pipepomb from a few months ago where she gave the Divas a chance to prove her wrong and says they couldn’t. She says last night she proved that she was the hero of this story, and she has overcame the odds her entire life. AJ tells us that she is the best Diva in the world, the saviour of the Divas Division, and that she is the Divas Division.

Familiar music then hits the arena, and out comes the NXT Women’s Champion Paige. The announcers put over Paige’s NXT credentials. The crowd start to chant Paige as AJ asks what she is doing there. Paige says that she came to do what no one else would, and that’s to congratulate AJ on her WrestleMania victory. AJ thanks her, and says every Diva should line up and thank her for everything she has done for them. AJ says that while she appreciates being congratulated, she doesn’t need it. AJ tells Paige to run back to NXT because she doesn’t like being interrupted. Paige apologises and says she just wanted to congratulate her. AJ says “Well aren’t you just the sweetest little crumpet”, and then goes on to challenge Paige to a match. Paige tells AJ that she isn’t ready to compete, and AJ says that she thinks she is and goes onto slap Paige. AJ asks if she is ready now, and says she will even put her Divas Championship on the line. AJ says this is her house, and she will tell Paige when she is ready.

WWE Divas Championship
Paige vs AJ Lee w/Tamina

AJ quickly goes on the offence and knocks Paige down with repeated shots to the back. Irish whip off the ropes and AJ knocks Paige down and the Champion skips around the ring. AJ lifts Paige up and kicks her in the mid section, runs off the ropes and locks in the Black Widow. Paige attempts to fight out of AJ’s finisher, and manages to throw AJ over and nail her with the Paige-Turner for the victory, and the Divas Championship. The crowd is going insane for Paige, who is seen in shock celebrating her win; as AJ is fuming with rage.

Winner: Paige

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