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WWE Raw Coverage – July 14, 2014

Paige will be on commentary for the next match. She’ll be watching her opponent on Sunday compete, AJ Lee. A replay is shown of AJ Lee goading Paige into giving her a rematch two weeks ago on RAW. AJ then rolled her up to win the WWE Divas Championship.

AJ Lee vs. Eva Marie

The bell rings, and AJ wrenches the arm, but Eva soon wrenches back. Eva takes her down before arguing with the referee. AJ dropkicks her down before skipping around with her. AJ sends her into the ropes before hitting a crescent kick. Eva rolls out of the ring to recover. Eva kicks her into the apron before sending her into the ring for a two count. Eva applies a surfboard stretch, but AJ fights up. Eva knees her in the midsection before hitting a backbreaker. Eva sends her into the ropes and goes for another backbreaker, but AJ counters into the Black Widow for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee

Paige stands up and claps for AJ Lee. AJ skips around with the title at ringside. AJ puts the title down on the commentary table and takes JBL’s headset. AJ asks how Paige is. Paige says she loves AJ’s hair while congratulating her on the win. AJ stares at her before saying, “OK, bye!” AJ then skips away.

WWE Raw Coverage – July 7, 2014

Paige & AJ Lee vs. The Funkadactyls

As AJ is making her entrance, Paige grabs the microphone from Justin Roberts and introduces her as “the great AJ Lee”. The match begins and Naomi and Paige start off. Naomi hits a couple of knees early, and then goes for a tag to Cameron. Cameron refused, and Paige capitalizes with a kick to the head. Paige begins to stomp Naomi in the corner, and then tags in AJ. AJ hits a hurricanrana on Naomi, and then makes a cover for a 2 count. Naomi tries to make a tag, but Cameron ignores her again. Paige is tagged in, but is hit with a clothesline. Cameron then tags herself in, and is hit with the Paige Turner right away! Paige makes the pinfall for the victory.

Winners: Paige & AJ Lee

Cameron and Naomi begin to argue more, and they finally begin to go at it. The ref tries to stop it but Naomi and Cameron still go at it. Cameron walks away as Naomi looks on.

WWE Raw Coverage – June 30, 2014

WWE Divas Champion Paige is on her way out to the ring. She says that some people out there thinks she doesn’t deserve to be champion and that she should go back to NXT. She says that in the past three months, she has proven that she deserves to be here and that she is here to stay. AJ Lee’s music sounds in the arena as she skips down to the ring. AJ says that she wanted to come out and tell Paige that she was right. Paige proved her wrong and that she was the only woman in a year to do that. AJ says that she let success get to her head and that she thought she was untouchable. She goes on to say that Paige gave her a slap of reality, and gives thanks and congratulates Paige. Paige says that she isn’t stupid, and can see AJ is doing the same thing she did the night after WrestleMania. Paige says no one here wants to see her defend her championship tonight. AJ asks the fans to decide if they want to see the match, to a resounding yes chant. Paige then ultimately agrees.

WWE Divas Championship
Paige vs. AJ Lee

AJ jumps on Paige landing some punches until Paige throws her off and lands a big kick on AJ. Paige with three headbutts to AJ. Paige with a quick clothesline. Paige yells to AJ that this is her house now, but AJ slaps her in the face and rolls her up for the pinfall on Paige.

Winner: AJ Lee

After the match, AJ Lee rolls out and holds up the Divas Championship. Paige is in shock and gets upset. AJ skips around the ring holding up the title. She gets to the top of the ramp and drops to her knees laughing clutching the title.

WWE Raw Coverage – June 23, 2014

Alicia Fox vs. Naomi

Naomi knocks Alicia down as Paige and Cameron bicker at commentary, then Naomi kicks Alicia and takes her down with a headscissors. Alicia goes outside but Naomi meets her with a forearm, then she slams her into the apron but Alicia slams Naomi headfirst into the apron. She rolls Naomi in and hits a backbreaker for two, then she chokes Naomi on the ropes and lifts her up. Alicia throws her through the ropes onto the floor, then she brings her back in but Naomi reverses a neckbreaker with a modified inverted DDT for the win.

Winner: Naomi

After the match, Paige gets on the apron and offers a handshake. Naomi accepts, and Paige then flaunts the title.

WWE Raw Coverage – June 16, 2014

Paige vs. Cameron w/Naomi

Paige slams Cameron’s head on the mat and knees her, then she slams her in the corner and repeatedly elbows her in the face. Cameron runs away and Paige chases, then Cameron asks her for a handshake before kicking her in the stomach and slapping her in the face. Cameron slams her head on the mat and gets a near fall, then Paige hits a dropkick and makes Cameron tap out to the PTO.

Winner: Paige

WWE Raw Coverage – June 9, 2014

Paige vs. Alicia Fox w/Aksana

Alicia sends Paige outside and Aksana tries to hit her, but Paige knocks her down and gets back on the apron. Alicia kicks her in the face and applies a headlock, then she hits a bridge suplex for two before going back to a headlock. Paige breaks it and knees Alicia in the face a few times, then she clotheslines her a few times and hits a dropkick. She gets a near fall before throwing an elbow, then she goes up top but Alicia sweeps her legs and Paige hits her head. Aksana taunts Paige as Alicia runs at her, but Paige sweeps Alicia’s legs and makes her collide with Aksana before making her tap to the PTO. Alicia flips out and attacks Aksana after the match, then she dumps some water and popcorn on her before hitting her a few more times.

Winner: Paige

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